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Alia Bhatt Has Launched A New Sustainable Label For Kids & It Comes With A Strong Message

Alia Bhatt Has Launched A New Sustainable Label For Kids & It Comes With A Strong Message

Yes, you read that right. Stepping into apparel, Alia Bhatt has launched a conscious kidswear label that aims to provide an affordable range of clothing while being environment-friendly. Named Ed-a-Mamma, the homegrown label is the actor’s own, as opposed to the ongoing trend of tie-ups between celebrities and brands that have been undertaken by Bollywood actors like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan and many others. 

Alia Bhatt Launches Kidswear Label Ed-a-Mamma

Catering to kids between the ages of 2 to 14 years of age, the label’s offerings are made in-house and are currently up for the taking on e-commerce portal FirstCry. Keep scrolling to know more about the actor’s venture and what it stands for. 

About The Foray Into Apparel

Alia Bhatt Launches Kidswear Label Ed-a-Mamma


To begin with, Ed-a-Mamma describes itself as “a brand that cares. About children. About the earth.” In a video and a subsequent note on the website, Alia Bhatt spoke about what the label means to her and her thought process about it. “Ed-a-Mamma combines two things I care deeply about: Our planet and our children. Our first offering is a range of thoughtfully designed playwear for children. Ed-a-Mamma will also be a series of books and so much more. All designed to help us put our planet first and build a conscious generation, one product at a time,” a part of it reads. 

In terms of being conscious about the planet and its needs, the label uses natural, biodegradable fabrics, creating clothes that can be passed on. While the prints are created keeping up with the thought of storytelling, left-over fabric, as the website suggests, will be used to create merchandise, as opposed to being thrown away. From buttons being devoid of plastic to reusable tags, the brand wishes to “create a world that nurtures in children, a love for nature.” Interestingly, each piece of garment will be shipped with a seed that can be planted and cared for. Continue to scroll to take a look at the video shared by the label. 

Why Ed-a-Mamma?

In terms of the name, Ed-a-Mamma narrates the story of a little dog named Ed, who is homeless and is found by a little girl, his Mamma. Through the stories that feature their adventures together, the label also plans to branch out in other categories. For now, you can shop from the three collections of garments, namely Veggie Squad, Friends Of The Ocean and Candy Land, all of which are available in an economical range. Not only are these fantastic for growing kids, but they can also be the ideal gifts for your cute little nieces and nephews, shopped well in advance for Christmas. Take a look at some of the pieces below. 

A great initiative for sustainable kids’ clothing indeed!

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27 Nov 2020

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