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It’s A Tie & Dye Look For Alia Bhatt’s Latest Look But Umm, Why’d She Wear That?

It’s A Tie & Dye Look For Alia Bhatt’s Latest Look But Umm, Why’d She Wear That?

Just like the next person, Bollywood celebrities too, are no strangers to the whacky, the weird and simply put, the bizarre in the fashion territory. Whether it’s red carpet appearances gone awry or simple outings, things can take a sudden turn on the sartorial front and more toward a faux-pas. Speaking of which, a case in point would be Alia Bhatt’s recent look, one which featured a raging trend but failed to take off. 

A Sartorial Miss? Alia Bhatt’s Recent Look

Till now, the actress has been working some uber-cool street style looks, so before we begin to delve into her latest one, let’s hope that it will be a one-off thing. And with that, here’s all you need to know. 

Not Feeling It



We have all been through those dragged days where all we want to do is wear sweatpants and lounge around in bed. With Alia Bhatt’s OOTD, it seems she was having one of those days. The actress’s oversized outfit comprised a drab sweatshirt which, even with the use of those vibrant colours and tie-and-dye print, failed to leave a mark. The lavender and purple tones just merged into each other and while we are all for an abstract pattern, this just wasn’t it. Sorry, ladies. 

Not to forget that her selection of creased, wide-legged pants with frayed edges did nothing to uplift her already failing attire. We certainly hope for better and without a doubt, the actress could be working a cool-chic look tomorrow for all we know! For now, we picked out some not drab tie-and-dye separates that will work in your favour, here’s looking. 

Getting It Right

We have said it before and we will say it again—the tie-and-dye trend is here to stay and in case you are planning to try it out, here’s what can ensure that it really works. 

—Use your judgement to make a choice; you don’t have to go onboard just because everyone else seems to be trying it out. Be comfortable. 
—For starters, pick a version which appears aesthetically pleasing, subtle or OTT. 
—When in doubt, pair it with a neutral, solid colour, making sure that your separates work well together. 
—Adding a cool lip colour and some eyeliner couldn’t hurt either! In case you were on the lookout, shop essentials below. 


Go on and give it a spin. 

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14 Jan 2021

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