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Don’t Make Bed Your Bae: Here’s How Alaya F Stays Productive During Lockdown

Don’t Make Bed Your Bae: Here’s How Alaya F Stays Productive During Lockdown

We’d have to give it to Alaya F for always keeping her feed interesting with relatable stuff. Be it her scooping some Nutella straight from the jar or indulging in some lockdown cooking, this one has a way of always striking a chord with her audience, and don’t we all just love her for it? Alaya recently announced an IGTV series, titled #AlayaAF, earlier this week. In her IGTV videos, Alaya would be talking about her fitness journey, art inspiration, beauty and style tips, and basically everything that she feels her audience likes. 

Alaya has already kick-started the series with a video on tips and tricks to stay productive during the lockdown. We watched the video, found it really handy, thought all of us can benefit from it a little, and thus jotted down her tips for your convenience. Have been curious about how Alaya has been managing to squeeze in yoga, art time, and all her awesomeness in her lockdown days? Here are her tips to stay productive:

Tip #1: Don’t Oversleep

Alaya says: “Now sleep, get your rest, it is important. I too am a great lover of sleep, but for me, the ideal amount of sleep is 7-8 hours. So if I sleep for 10-12 hours I start feeling very lethargic throughout the day. Now, this is not to say that I haven’t slept for 10-12 hours during the lockdown. There have been days when I have slept for an obnoxious amount of time. But that’s fine. However, in a general, daily routine, try to get as much sleep as you would have liked to get prior to this lockdown. Just regulate your sleep.” 

Tip #2: Don’t Get Overly Comfortable In Your Bed

Alaya says: “When I wake up in the morning, I like to have an hour, sit in my bed, go through my phone, have some coffee. That’s fine. But once you are done, get out of your bed, make it, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, freshen up, and then just go somewhere else. Change your environment.”

Tip #3: Get Ready

Alaya says: “Now this has helped me so much. I cannot even begin to tell you. If I sit in my pyjamas all day, I will not get anything done. So for me I get up, I go and get a shower, I get dressed, throw on some makeup sometimes and that really helps me push through the day.” 


Tip #4: Make A To-Do List

Alaya Says: “Ticking off tasks from the to-do list is my favourite thing to do. No matter how small it is, I put every task on it. Even if I have to just call someone, I write it on my to-do list. So when I do it the next day, I have the satisfaction of ticking it off. Every day at the very start, you know what it is that you need to get done.” 

Tip #5: Do It For 5 Minutes

Alaya says: “If you feel like you are not motivated to do something at all despite everything else, do it for 5 minutes. Tell yourself that you’ll do it only for five minutes. Most of the time, when you do something for just five minutes, you’ll feel like, okay let’s finish it now. Most of the time, just starting is the hardest part.” 

Tip #6: Treat Yourself

Alaya says: “Whenever you have a great day, whenever you have done whatever you need to know, even if it’s just one thing in a day, you have accomplished it, and now you are feeling good about it: treat yourself. Enjoy the feeling of being productive.”

Well, now we know how this one always manages to keep up with all her vivacious energy!!!

Featured Image: Instagram 

02 Jun 2020

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