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Feeling Overwhelmed By Social Media? Alaya F Has A Solution & It Works Like A Charm

Feeling Overwhelmed By Social Media? Alaya F Has A Solution & It Works Like A Charm

With all the negativity, unrealistic standards, trolling and cyberbullying, social media platforms can be really overwhelming. What started as a platform to express oneself and connect with people has now become a toxic place. Social media is a double-edged sword that gives people a platform to voice their opinions but also the power to hide behind their screens and have zero accountability. Apart from this toxicity, social media networking sites are also a breeding ground for unrealistic beauty and lifestyle standards. 

We’ve all felt overwhelmed by social media at least once in our lives but imagine what celebs go through every single day? From being called out for staying silent on an issue or being labelled ignorant, superficial or privileged for their opinion on a social issue, celebs are always at the receiving end of hate. Thanks to the keyboard warriors and trolls, celebs are now forced to limit or deactivate their comments section or just leave social media much like model Chrissy Teigen. But now, Jawaani Jaaneman actress Alaya F has opened up about using social media and she has a solution for all of us who get overwhelmed due to it. 


In a recent interview, Alaya shared that she enjoys using social media platforms but she does not take it too seriously while adding that she tries to keep it as real as possible. “I really enjoy social media, I try to keep it real. But I make sure not to take it more seriously. It brings in a lot of good and bad,” said the actress.


Alaya shared that she does not have to worry about keeping up an image as she keeps her social media real, which in turn allows her to remain stress-free and enjoy the platforms. She said that for her, it’s all about enjoying her time on social media. Opening up about feeling overwhelmed by social media, Alaya said, “You have to focus on the good and if it gets overwhelming, take a break. If I see myself getting overwhelmed with social media, I just put my phone aside—until I am ready to deal with it again.”


On the work front, following her Bollywood debut with Jawaani Jaaneman alongside Saif Ali Khan, Alaya was seen in the music video Aaj Sajeya.

Oh well, we must say that we’re impressed with Alaya’s simple solution for dealing with social media toxicity! You go, girl!

Feature Image: Instagram

19 Apr 2021

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