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Yes, I Have: Alaya F Opens Up About “Flaws” And Going Under The Knife

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  May 2, 2021
Yes, I Have: Alaya F Opens Up About “Flaws” And Going Under The Knife


Body issues are obvious in an industry that focuses on women’s looks and bodies more than their talents. The instant a woman enters the entertainment industry, she is scored for her looks, the way she dresses up, and the choices she makes. Then starts the tedious process of snide comments and internet trolling. It’s like you give up your autonomy the instant you decide to be a part of the industry. No matter what you do or who you are, the haters will find a way of bringing you down. 

For instance, Shanaya Kapoor was recently trolled for doing “something to her face” while preparing for her Bollywood debut. At the same time, Ananya Pandey opened up about being skinny-shamed and how it wreaked havoc on her mental health.

If all this wasn’t enough, now Alaya F has also opened up about her insecurities. The actress went all candid during a chat show recently and talked about how she has considered cosmetic surgery for her nose. “Yes, I have. I have considered it, I have not done it. I think everyone has been like, ‘Maybe I should do…’ It is the smallest thing, I don’t even know if people can see it. So, this side of my nose is the nice one (shows right profile), this one (showing the left side) has a slight bump here. It’s like the tiniest thing in the world,” Alaya shared during the chat. 

During the chat, the host also told her that he does not see what she is talking about and that her nose looks alright, she replied, “Most people don’t, but it’s okay.” However, she was quick to add, “I’ll probably never do it because it’s so damn pointless.”


It is honestly heartbreaking to see such bright, beautiful young women being told that they are not good enough. Honestly, it is Alaya’s choice whether she goes under the knife or not. However, it is indeed sad a young woman is made to think that her nose is “flawed” or it is not good enough. I mean how do you even decide what is a “perfect” nose? 

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