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Not Cool! Afsana Khan Made A Nasty Comment About Rajiv Adatia’s Body & We Are Furious

ShivaniShivani  |  Oct 27, 2021
Not Cool! Afsana Khan Made A Nasty Comment About Rajiv Adatia’s Body & We Are Furious


Sometimes we wonder why people think it is okay to shame others for their body type or weight. Shouldn’t it be common knowledge that it is never okay to make mean comments on a person’s body? As it turns out, singer Afsana Khan didn’t get the memo.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, Afsana body-shamed the new housemate entrant Rajiv Adatia and her comments will leave you in shock! Allow us to tell you what all happened in the house. 

During the latest captaincy task, the housemates had to sit in alphabetical spaces to participate and Rajiv also decided to take part in it.

As the task progressed, Afsana mocked him and said that he wouldn’t even fit in the alphabet spaces. Rajeev lost his cool over the remark and called out the singer. 

Rajiv made it clear that she can joke around with others but he won’t tolerate such comments. He said, “Har cheez funny nahi hai. Aap thoda sochke baat karo (Everything is not funny. Think before you say something)” We totally agree with the social media influencer. Kudos to him for setting boundaries and speaking his mind! 

Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty jumped to Rajiv’s defence and asked Afsana to back off. Despite his best efforts, the model couldn’t control his emotions and broke down. He revealed that he has a medical condition and that is the reason why he can’t lose weight. It was heartbreaking to see Rajiv crying inconsolably as Shamita sat beside him.

The actress kept trying to cheer him up and said, “You’re stronger than this.” However, Rajiv was deeply hurt by the comment and he was unable to let it go. 

Though Afsana apologised for her remark later, it doesn’t change the fact that her comment was uncalled for. Medical condition or not, it is never okay to shame someone for their body. Rajiv was right to call out the singer and we really hope that Afsana learnt her lesson!