9 Affordable Accessories That Will Elevate Your Look In A Jiffy!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  Apr 15, 2019
9 Affordable Accessories That Will Elevate Your Look In A Jiffy!


We all have days when we feel like our outfit is lacking that zing factor but that doesn’t mean that you need to change and put together a whole new ensemble all over again. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably running late already and would love a quick fix to transform your look from drab to fab. That’s where accessories come in, ladies. A glam pair of sunnies, a totally unique bag or a bright scarf in your hair is the easiest way to make even a simple outfit look on-point and so Instagram-worthy. Never have a bad outfit again ‘coz we’ve found you some unexpected accessories that will elevate your look instantly. Read on to transform your wardrobe effortlessly.

1. Style Those Scarves For Summer

affordable accessories scrunchie scarf

The coolest way to wear a bright scarf in the summer is in your hair! Not only does it get your hair out of the way on a sticky day but it helps add a twist to your outfit. If you have any scarves lying around, this is the best way to make use of them in the hot months. You can also buy a fun, printed scrunchie scarf and turn around every bad hair day. 

Price: Rs 311. Buy it here

2. When In Doubt, Belt It!

affordable accessories popxo

Want to cinch a loose summer dress? Belt it! Want to elevate a simple jeans and tee outfit? Belt it! Clearly, every girl needs a versatile belt in her wardrobe to come to her rescue whenever she’s in a style rut. And we’ve found you the perfect double-buckled belt that will go with anything and everything that you choose to wear.

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

3. Style At Your Feet

affordable accessories socks

Making a statement with your socks is such an unexpectedly awesome way to stand out from the crowd and truly be a trendsetter. These rhinestone stocks can be worn with flats, heels or even sneakers. Just be sure to pair them with a dress to really show them off. 

Price: Rs 193. Buy it here.

4. A Fanny Pack Will Do The Trick

affordable accessories fanny pack

By now you know that belt bags aren’t going away anytime soon. So why not mix this Insta-favourite trend with a dash of badass? A fanny pack like this will notch up anything you wear while giving you brownie points for uniqueness. Go on and post that OOTD!

Price: Rs 1,299.Buy it here.

5. When One Necklace Isn’t Enough

Affordable accessories layered necklaces

Do you know what’s better than one necklace? Layering multiple ones! Layered necklaces are a gorgeous trend that you can wear anywhere, from the office to a party. They look gorgeous on a simple top or even on a bright dress and also bring a touch of elegant chic to your style. Layering necklaces is definitely one of my favourite accessorizing moves that always help elevate a look.

Price: Rs 532. Buy it here.

6. Getting Shady

affordable accessories sunglasses

If there’s one accessory that will always have your back, it’s a stylish pair of sunnies. They can instantly make you look more glamorous and stylish while also giving you protection from the sun and covering up those dark circles when you don’t have time to apply layers of makeup. Just slip on a fun, mirrored pair and it’ll transform even the most boring of outfits, we promise!

Price: Rs 1,790. Buy it here.

7. Pearls Are Always Appropriate

affordable accessories pearl clips

It’s never a bad idea to add a touch of sophisticated elegance to whatever you wear with a few pearls, except we’re not talking on your neck. Pearl clips and barrettes are the hottest hair accessories of the moment and we love how feminine, flirty and classy they can make anything you wear look. So upgrade your outfit as well as your hairstyle with some pretty pearl clips, you can wear these with absolutely anything and for any occasion – casual or dressy.

Price: Rs 300 for a set of 4. Buy it here.

8. Slogans Are The Best Accessory

affordable accessories slogan bag

A quirky tote with a saucy slogan on it is just what you need if you’re a girl who loves adding some spice to her style. It’s such a great way to make your style truly unique as well as turn heads for your individuality. Why carry a boring bag when you can flaunt some fun quirky ones instead?!

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

9. Can’t Go Wrong With Hoops

affordable accessories hoop earrings

There’s just something undeniably stylish about hoop earrings that ensure that they never go out of style. When in doubt, a gorgeous pair of hoop earrings will always come to your rescue to help elevate your outfit effortlessly. These crescent hoops with pearl detailing are such a gorgeous style, you’ll want to wear them all the time.

Price: Rs 400. Buy it here.

Feature image: Sanjana Batra and Tanya Ghavri on Instagram

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