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These Trusted & Affordable Tools Get Rid Of Facial Hair Instantly At Home

These Trusted & Affordable Tools Get Rid Of Facial Hair Instantly At Home

You’re going out with your gals tonight. You’re almost ready, and all that’s left is for you to do your makeup. Mhm — what are we feeling tonight? Are we experimenting with different looks? Keeping it minimal? But wait — crisis detected. Your eyebrows are overgrown; your upper-lip is fuzzy; and your sideburns need to be groomed ASAP. But you’ve been saving up for this one night out and can’t really dig too deep into your pockets to look put-together. 

That’s where these at-home facial-hair removal products will come in — like your very own knights in shining armors. Read on.

Anytime, Anywhere — That’s A Promise


When you have these products at your side, a visit to the salon becomes, well, useless. 

This Mini Face Razor

This is one of the best face razors in the market. If you’re looking for a razor that’s specifically designed for the face — think grooming your sideburns, eyebrows, and upper-lip, this product is what you need. The blade of the razor has a fine tooth-protective guard net-that prevents cuts and scrapes from developing, and the handle is an anti-slip grip handle that is composed of biodegradable materials (wheat, straw, and ABS plastic). This is pain-free, and it takes less than a couple of minutes to groom your face. 

This Skin-Loving, Post Shave Gel 

Have you ever seen a razor equipped with aloe-powered blades? This skin-soothing device contains a strip of aloe atop four razor-sharp blades — allowing it to moisturise the skin right after the blades are sloughing hair right off. If your skin is sensitive, and applying aloe after shaving doesn’t help, you’ve got to buy this ASAP. 

This Skin-Loving, Post Shave Gel 

Massage your skin with this aloe-enriched gel right after you’re done shaving your face. Sounds like any other post-shave gel; but this one exudes versatility thanks to its composition of multiple skin-loving ingredients. This formula doesn’t just soothe any irritation or redness — it absorbs into the skin quickly, and doesn’t leave behind any residue or stickiness. It’s composed of Aloe Vera — coveted for its moisturising, cooling, and anti-inflammatory abilities; and it’s packed with ingredients like chamomile and Tasmanian Pepper Fruit that boast antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This translates into no itching, no irritation, and no breakouts — now or later. 

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Featured Image: Sirona

30 Sep 2022

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