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In-Flight Beauty Tips By Our Fav B-Town Divas, How To Look Good After A Long Flight

In-Flight Beauty Tips By Our Fav B-Town Divas, How To Look Good After A Long Flight

Bollywood celebs making a dash at the airport is now a matter to reckon with, thanks to zealous photographers taking over our Instagram feeds day after day. It might be exasperating to be acquainted with frequent flyers jetting off to greener pastures at the drop of a hat, only to return flawlessly beautiful.

But I’m always fascinated as to how they leave the airport looking like a million bucks. What about the rest of us? Our true off-loading begins with us cribbing about the tan, dehydrated skin, puffy eyes, parched lips, and lifeless hair. So we’ve decided to take a cue from these travel pros who have mastered the art of looking ravishing even after a long, tiring flight. Now it’s your turn to snag. Jet, Set, GO!

Up Your Glow Game Like B-Town Divas

Alia Bhatt


Fresh dewy skin and a pop of lip colour with a lot of mascara would be her in-flight makeup look. But when she boards those long-haul flights, she takes the day off – before slathering on a good amount of moisturising or hydrating cream. She swears by a good sheet mask before snoozing on the plane, and she drinks plenty of water both before and after her travels. Minimal yet elegant – definitely doable!

Priyanka Chopra


When she boards an aircraft, the first thing she does is change into comfy clothes. Next, she moisturises her hands, feet and face. Then she wears socks to ensure that the moisturiser gets deep into her skin. She normally tries to do a moisturising face mask twenty minutes before landing because she often walks into photographers once she lands. She tries on many masks, but her favourite is the SK-II. She applies it on to her skin for 10 minutes, you can do it for whatever duration works best for you, then moisturises and applies her daily makeup.

Ileana D’Cruz 


Ileana D’Cruz is blessed with perfect skin and adheres to her skincare routine even when travelling. For a lengthy flight, it’s crucial to remember to hydrate yourself as well as your skin, so she recommends drinking enough water. She likes to alternate between using a warm and a cold napkin. This is quite calming, and it gives her in-flight beauty routine a spa-like experience. She cleanses and refreshes her skin with a face wash before getting off the plane, then applies a tinted BB cream for an instant glow. After that, she applies a lip tint – set to get papped!

Deepika Padukone


Deepika seems to have a strict in-flight skincare regimen. She prefers using a good serum, day or night cream (depending on the time), and even an eye cream to nourish her skin. Deepika also enjoys using rollers or facial tools on her skin to help products penetrate deeper and improve blood circulation.

Kareena Kapoor Khan


Kareena Kapoor Khan, the brand ambassador of St. Botanica, is a legend known for her good skin and her skincare habits. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising are the first steps in her in-flight skincare routine, followed by a facial oil or hydrating sheet mask. It’s critical to moisturise and protect your skin from the sun if you want to keep it healthy, she declares. Bebo usually doesn’t wear any makeup on long-haul flights to allow her skin to breathe.

Just like ’em B-town babes, keep your skin ready-to-be-papped as soon as you step off an aeroplane!

Featured Image: Instagram

30 Jun 2022

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