15 Amazing Ideas For 25th Anniversary Gifts For Parents!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Jul 7, 2016
15 Amazing Ideas For 25th Anniversary Gifts For Parents!


Hello, and congratulations on your parents’ 25th marriage anniversary! We can’t tell you how happy we are for you and for them. It’s now time to celebrate! But before you do, you might want to gift them something they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Here are 15 sweet gifts you could give your parents on their 25th marriage anniversary. (Follow it up with a tight hug after!)  

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Adorable Gift Ideas For Parents’ 25th Anniversary

The 25th anniversary is always special, there is something everlasting about the silver jubilee charm that makes our heart swell with affection! So we’ve got some amazing 25th-anniversary gift ideas that your parents are bound to appreciate!

Tickets for an epic vacation

Your parents at some point in time may have wanted to go on a holiday, but for some reason, couldn’t make it. Make their wish come true on their 25th anniversary! Save up a little and give them a break that they’ll cherish forever. Happy days ahead!

1 gift ideas for your parents

A one night stay at a luxury hotel

One can be pretty tired after a 25th marriage anniversary celebration (especially your parents!). That’s why you should book them a nice room at a luxury hotel so that they can relax and enjoy each other’s company. Trust us, they’ll come back refreshed and re-energized.

A personalized wine bottle or champagne glasses

If your folks appreciate some good wine and champagne, another of the cute 25th-anniversary gifts for parents is to give them personalized champagne glasses or a classy wine bottle. Now, with every sip, they’ll think of you! That’s super cute if you ask us. 😉

3 gift ideas for your parents

Spa coupons!

After a long tiring week of chaos and celebrations, we’re pretty sure that your parents would love to indulge in a good spa and a heavenly massage. Trust us, your parents will really appreciate it.

How does dinner for two sound?

A romantic candlelit dinner sounds amazing, right? Why don’t you make a reservation at one of their favorite restaurants? Or a new, happening place in town? If you’re unsure about the type of cuisine, pick a buffet type. It’s a safer option and one can really eat to their heart’s content.

5 gift ideas for your parents

Couple rings are the cutest!

If your parents plan to exchange rings on their silver jubilee (and even if they don’t), it would be nice if you picked the rings up for them! Yet another of the most adorable gift ideas for parents’ 25th anniversary on our list, this one is our favourite! Depending on your budget, settle for ones that you think they would like best. It’s a happy thought to think that every time they look at their ring finger, your face will pop up in their minds. 🙂

A photo collage frame

25 years of married life is a huge deal and juxtaposition of life events. What better way to cherish all those memories than putting them all together in a photo collage?! Go through their old pictures, select the best, make a collage, get it printed and frame it.

7 gift ideas for your parents

Organize a family reunion!

Now is a good time to make calls to old relatives and friends. It would be amazing if you can host a party and invite your parent’s favourite people to the big bash. Life is all about living in the moment and making memories. This will be one of them!

A “Then And Now” Photo Frame

While the internet is going crazy over 10 years challenge, how about you take it up a notch and celebrate 25 years through a then and now photo frame? One of our ever favourite of the 25th-anniversary gift ideas, this one is bound to rekindle some old memories!

Throw Them A Surprise Party!

Though it’s a little cliched, there is a reason why this one never fails to amaze people! Throw your parents a surprise party on their 25th, invite all their close friends, and watch them make remake some of their best memories!


A Portrait!

In an age that has gone entirely digital, investing in getting a portrait made of your parents will make for a great anniversary present! A nicely done painting for your parents in oil-based colours will surely give your gift the extra touch of special!

Compile A Video Montage

This one is our absolute favourite when it comes to 25th-anniversary gifts for parents, and for all the right reasons! Create a video montage depicting your parents’ journey through the past 25 years and watch them relive their marriage again!

Couple Watches!

Nothing defines the passage of time better than a wristwatch, and what better way to celebrate your parents’ 25th than with couple watches? You could even engrave a sweet message on the back of the dial to make the gift extra special!


Customised Bucket List Book!

If your parents are into traveling the world, then you could create a customized scrapbook of all the places that they’ve visited together, and then leave blank places for places they’re yet to explore! This will certainly remind them to take some time off and go vacationing!

Personalized Cutlery

Cutlery is such a timeless gift that it absolutely had to be on our list of 25th-anniversary gift ideas for parents! Get your parents a new set of table silver with their 25th-anniversary date engraved on them to make them extra special! We hope you liked our list of gift ideas for your parents, and that your parents like them too!

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