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Banish Those Breakouts: These Acne-Fighting Skincare Essentials Are Your Ticket To A Pimple-Free Monsoon

Banish Those Breakouts: These Acne-Fighting Skincare Essentials Are Your Ticket To A Pimple-Free Monsoon

Monsoon season is an exciting time, but not so much if you have acne-prone skin. Yes, we love enjoying the breezy rains with a hot cup of chai and delicious pakodas. Although, the flipside of this highly humid weather and oily foods is unwelcome pimples that we would rather do without. But why should you have to suffer breakouts when the weather is so chill?

Monsoons are meant to be refreshing and your skin woes shouldn’t be putting a damper on your mood. Neither should you shy away from indulging in those crispy rainy weather snacks just to keep your skin clear.

These Acne-Fighting Skincare Finds Are Your Solution To A Pimple-Free Monsoon


Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Nip pimples in the bud by cleansing with this acne control face wash. It gets rid of all acne causing bacteria without stripping your skin of moisture. The formula is enriched with neem and tea tree both of which provide healing and antibacterial properties to treat acne. The cleanser is soothing on existing acne too and it makes your skin feel calm and squeaky clean after every wash.

Neem Notes

You can swap your DIY skincare recipes with neem for this neem infused toner. It takes the power of neem to clear your pores and soothe acne. It is also enriched with tulsi which is also super soothing on the skin. Both these natural ingredients have amazing antibacterial properties that banish acne infections from plaguing your skin. This toner works beautifully for oily acne prone skin types as it also controls excess sebum production and minimises enlarged pores. 

Spinach Spin 

Skincare serums are the key component to treating stubborn skin concerns like acne. And this Vitamin B serum is right on the money. Perfect for oily and combination skin types that are susceptible to acne, this serum mattifies the skin and soothes inflammation on application. It is enriched with niacinamide and therefore helps shrink enlarged pores and correct uneven skin tone as well. The spinach extract in this formulation helps clear bacteria and gives skin the benefits of Vitamin A too for an overall skin glow.

Niacinamide Treat

Don’t forget to moisturise! But, moisturise right or else you will be prone to breakouts once again. This Vitamin B day cream is perfect for hydrating acne prone skin in the monsoon because it controls oil production and keeps skin smooth and mattified. It also soothes inflammation and makes your skin feel calm and nourished. 

Tea Tree Truce

Tea tree essential oil is the best acne fighting solution year round. Applying tea tree oil to your skin is great as it targets pimples and helps reduce their size. It also has a mint effect which helps soothe acne. To use it add a drop of this essential oil to a pea sized amount of moisturiser and apply it to your entire face. For a spot treatment, mix a drop of this oil with some Aloe Vera gel and apply it onto pimples.

Add these acne fighting skincare essentials to your skincare routine this season and enjoy clear, pimple-free skin throughout.

Featured Images: Pexels

24 Jun 2022

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