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Ace The Sexting Game In 2023 With These New Spicy Slangs!

Ace The Sexting Game In 2023 With These New Spicy Slangs!

Have you been caught sexting before? Have your parents ever overheard you while you were having a steamy phone conversation with Bae? If you’ve been a victim of one of these terrifying situations, you’ve come to the right place. We have got you covered! Here are 10 new sexy words for you to add to your vocabulary, which your parents won’t get. Use these iconic sex slangs to make sexting a lot more easier and fun! 

1. Pretty Pistachio 


Girls, we finally have a name for your beautiful clitoris—the mother of pleasure! With over 8,000 nerve endings in the tip of the clitoris alone, cracking this little nut is exhilarating. The effort, like having to pry open each pistachio individually, is worthwhile.

2. Fifth Base 

We’ve all heard of bases numbered first till fourth, but now there’s a fifth. What does that mean? Fifth base is also referred to as “deep diving.” It is a less obvious term for anal sex. So you know what someone is requesting when they want to go to fifth base with you.

3. Playing The Flute 

Well, there are quite a few terms for a blowjob, but the latest addition to the list is “playing the flute.” So the next time your cute date asks if you can play an instrument, you know what to say. *wink wink*

4. Doppelbanger 


Have you ever been drawn to someone simply because they resemble your favourite celebrity or your ex, whom you cannot forget? We all have a type, don’t we? A doppelbanger is someone you want to have sex with solely because they resemble another person.

5. Finger Painting 

This term transports you back to your carefree childhood days when you finger-painted a peacock. The term has changed, but the activity will still bring you joy and serve as a stress reliever. Finger painting is another term for female masturbation. Girls, go ahead and create your masterpiece!

6. Postboned 

You’re running late for work in the morning, but Bae is feeling steamy. What are you going to do? Of course, you suck it up (pun intended) and get steamy! Yes, your boss may yell at you, but it will all be worth it, right? When you’re postboned, you’re late because of an unexpected sexual encounter.

7. Queening 


This is our favourite, and we recommend using it as often as possible, especially when you want to make your partner feel like a queen. Queening is a fancy way of saying “sitting on someone’s face”. Consider it like a queen sitting on her pleasure throne.

8. Rusty Trombone 

A rusty trombone is an act of simultaneously performing hand and a rim job. The giver appears to be playing the trombone. So if your man is mad at you or simply has had a bad day, you know what will cheer him up!

9. Sissy Play 

Sissy play is a type of power play that is used to enhance BDSM scenes in order to create a strong power dynamic. It relies on gender stereotypes to function. In general, a submissive man emasculates himself and adopts personality traits or roles typically associated with women, such as that of a maid. Do remember that before participating in any BDSM activities, both parties must agree.

10. Toygasm 


Sex toy sales have skyrocketed ever since the concept of social distancing came into being. Many people still rely on sex toys for pleasure because of the intense, jaw-clenching orgasm or “toygasm” one can get from a vibrator.

So peeps, in 2023, keep your vocabulary and sex drive up to date!  

Feature Image: Pexels

02 Jan 2023

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