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Abhijit Bichukale Threatened Neha Bhasin On National TV & We Wanna Ask Why Is He Still In The BB House?

‘What is wrong with Abhijit Bichukale?’

This is a question that we have asked several times ever since this problematic man’s first appearance in Bigg Boss 15. Abhijit has been reeking of misogyny and chauvinism since his entry into the Bigg Boss house. And he surely has the special talent in making it worse with every passing day. Case in point—last night’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode that has us questioning, ‘Why haven’t the makers already thrown him out of the house?’


That we are going to hate Abhijit’s Bigg Boss journey was pretty apparent the first time he opened his mouth on national TV. Reeking of misogyny, the man openly threatened to beat Neha Bhasin ‘coz she had been aggressive with Partik Sehajpal and according to Abhijit, she lacked “sanskaras.” This was after a number of violent incidents that had already transpired in the house including the one where Karan Kundrra had slam-choked Pratik Sehajpal. However, Abhijit very conveniently forgot it all and directed all his aggression at Neha. Sadly, she was already eliminated by the time he could enter the house. However, these two were destined to meet and it finally happened last night.

No brownie points for guessing that seeing Neha on last night’s episode triggered Abhijit. He refused to answer any of her questions like a civilised being and instead launched a series of threats on the singer. He started off by lying and insisting that he never talked about hitting Neha. He then started blabbering about how he has a set of bhabhis and women friends who’d do the task for him. “Meri bhabhi aakar maarengi tujhe. Meri beautician friends takla karenge tereko,” he kept repeating until Salman asked him to shut up.

Tu mere naam se famous hona chahti hai,” he even told Neha at one point. However, this is certainly not the first time that this delusional man has tried to pull off something similar on national TV.

Just last week, Abhijit was seen pouncing at Devoleena Bhattacharjee like a wild animal because he did not like her way of talking. Interestingly, no such thing has ever happened when he was fighting or arguing with a man which clearly proves that there is no problem in understanding things on his part as the makers are trying to show all this while.

Long things short, Abhijit is a highly misogynistic person who can’t take women showing him his place and always reacts violently to shut them down. Here’s hoping that the same makers who pointed out that Umar Riaz is a threat to the other contestants notice his problematic behaviour before he seriously ends up harming someone in the house!

Featured Image: Insatgram

10 Jan 2022

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