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Aamna Sharif On How Playing ‘Komolika’ Impacted Her Mental Health & We Applaud Her Honesty

Aamna Sharif On How Playing ‘Komolika’ Impacted Her Mental Health & We Applaud Her Honesty

Truth be told, Komolika from Kasautii Zindagii Kay is the most evil character in the history of Indian television. Over the years, we have seen many of our favourite stars playing the iconic role and slaying it. The OG Vamp Urvashi Dholakia passed the baton to Hina Khan, and later Aamna Sharif became the new Komo

While Aamna is best known for her innocent girl-next-door roles, she left us all impressed with her performance as Komolika. But, the role, she says, took a toll on her and she had a tough time playing the iconic vamp. In a recent interview, Aamna shared, “It was so heavy to play her because the scenes Komolika performed were so negative. I remember in one specific scene I had to kill a newborn which played with my mental health. While it was challenging, it also gave me the push that I should do it. The idea was to come out of my comfort zone. I remember watching Urvashi (Dholakia) play Komolika. It’s a legacy to carry on; She is iconic.”


We totally understand Aamna’s POV because when it comes to acting, stars have to spend quite a lot of time getting into a character. And well, reprising a particular role can leave a mark on even the most experienced actors. 

No More Remakes For Aamna!

ATM Aamna is enjoying some time away from the everyday hustle. In another interview, the actress claimed that after playing Komolika, she has decided to never reprise an iconic role. Aamna shared, “There was a lot of pressure because I have never replaced anyone. I came into it at a point when Hina (Khan) was no longer a part of the show as Komolika. I didn’t realise one thing before I did this show, but after the show, I did realise it. It was that when you are playing a particular character and when you are loved by the audience, it gets difficult for the audience to accept another actor into that role. So that is something that I don’t think I would want to take in the future.”

NGL, Aamna certainly delivered as Komolika, but we’d never want her to take up anything she is not comfortable with. You do you, gurl!

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31 May 2022

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