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KWK 7 Episode 5 Funniest Moments: 5 Times Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor’s Sassy Comments Left Us In Splits!

KWK 7 Episode 5 Funniest Moments: 5 Times Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor’s Sassy Comments Left Us In Splits!

Koffee addicts like us had just the perfect Wednesday night since our favourite chat show, Koffee With Karan Season 7 aired a little early. The episode, featuring Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, was filled with witty humour, sassy comments, and harmless roasting. Aamir and Bebo owned the Koffee couch and left Karan Johar speechless with their savage comebacks. While we expected Kareena to stun us with her sass, Aamir also had us LOLing hard! 

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KJo & Bebo Fashion Policing Aamir 

Aamir was majorly fashion policed by Karan Johar for wearing a simple white kurta with blue jeans. As soon as the duo entered the set, an unpleasant siren was heard to which Kareena asked, “What was that sound.” KJo replied, “They saw Aamir’s kurta”. Ouch. Even Bebo did not leave an opportunity to roast Aamir’s fashion sense. When asked to rate it, she channelled her inner Poo and said, “Not applicable or Minus”. Well, Aamir may not have got the Koffee With Karan style memo, but he did win our hearts with his simplicity. 

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Aamir Shamelessly Trolling KJo 

If anyone can get KJo to be speechless, it is definitely Aamir Khan! The 3 Idiots actor was seen roasting the host every opportunity he got. Aamir candidly stated, “Aap jab bhi show karte ho kisi na kisi ka insult hota hi hota hai, koi na koi rota hi rota hai. Sabke yeh kapde utaarte rehta hai (Whenever you do this show, someone or the other gets insulted or cries).” Even when KJo asked Bebo to not talk badly about his sex life since his mother’s watching the show, Aamir said, “Your mother doesn’t mind you talking about other people’s sex life?” NGL, Aamir’s got a point and he’s really got us laughing out loud. 


Bebo Calling Out Aamir On His Movies 

Aamir and Kareena have worked on quite a few films together and hence, they share a bond that goes way back. Bebo was asked about the one thing she tolerates about Aamir that she wouldn’t in others and her response had us ROFL. She said, “You (Aamir) take like 100-200 days to finish a film. Akshay Kumar finishes it in like 30 days.” Bebo had certainly left her filter at home and we’re loving it! 

Kareena’s Brutal Honesty About The Paps 

During the new trolling segment, banter took place on whose more friendly with the paps. To this, Aamir said that he is quite pally with the paps. However, Bebo being Bebo replied, “You’re more friendly but they probably like me more.” Adding to the fuel she said, “In the sense like maybe they like photographing me more.” All poor Aamir could say was, “Look at her insult me twice in one sentence.” But, when it comes to queen Bebo, everyone does like her more. 

Aamir’s Take On K3G 

Although Aamir accepted the fact that he loved Kareena’s character Pooh in K3G, he also added, “But that is the only thing I loved. I’m very sorry.” Well, Aamir clearly forgot his filter at home and we absolutely loved this honest yet hilarious side of him. 

This episode brought out a different side of Aamir Khan and we are obsessed! And well, Bebo owned the Koffee couch with her class mixed with sass. If you loved the diva’s subtle glamm and nude lips look, here’s how you can recreate it. Add these products to your cart STAT! 

Catch your dose of Koffee this week, if you haven’t already, only on Disney+ hotstar. 

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04 Aug 2022

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