Aakhir Karna Kya Chahte Ho? 4 Reasons We Believe Afsana Khan Will Drive All The BB Gharwalas Crazy

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Oct 13, 2021
Aakhir Karna Kya Chahte Ho? 4 Reasons We Believe Afsana Khan Will Drive All The BB Gharwalas Crazy


We know that it’s too soon to say anything, but we kinda believe that Bigg Boss 15 might become better than season 13—the most successful season of the franchise. The reason is that majority of the gharwalas in the house RN are intense and playing their individual game. Pratik Sehajpal and Jay Bhanushali are fighting on petty issues, and Karan Kundrra is strategising his next 50 moves in advance. Well, all the players are doing something while Afsana Khan is…drinking oil. Wait, what?

NGL, the Punjabi singer is not our regular BB contestant and her weird antics are proof enough. When it comes to the game, she’s quite clueless and the fact that she refuses to believe it herself, make things funnier. Honestly, we doubt that even she can find a reasonable explanation for her actions because they are that random. Whether you like her or not, but Afsana Khan is one hilarious drama queen (lowkey annoying too) and here’s why we believe it:

Who The Hell Drinks Oil?


Last night’s episode was quite terrific and we were pretty impressed by all the gharwalas. Shamita Shetty gave a tough fight to Tejasswi Prakash, Nishant Bhat dodged Karan and Jay brilliantly and whoaa… Afsana drank a bottle of oil out of the blue! It wasn’t even remotely related to the task. No seriously, who does that? Even Shamita broke out in laughter in the middle of a fight after learning about it. Take that!

The Only Hunger Strike That Involves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

On the very first day of the show, Afsana got into a heated argument with the gharwalas when they criticised the food she cooked. Soon after that, she declared that she wouldn’t eat anything. Except, she was eating everything. We want to know the source of her confidence when she said that she’s on a hunger strike while taking a good bite of her meal. We really do.

The World Revolves Around Her


Karan is defs one of the most popular celebs on the show RN and we are loving his game. He is strategic, mature and one of the most experienced players in the house. But, in Afsana’s world, he’s someone who has got fame after starring in her music video (WTH?!). In a conversation, Karan was heard revealing that the singer believed that he was approached for BB 15 because of her song, Na Maar.

Not just that, Vishal Kotian also shared that she still believes that BB sends half of the food in the house exclusively for her. Well, self-love ki bhi limit hoti hai!

“Sorry Bigg Boss, Maine Nahi Kiya!”

The funniest bit is that while Afsana loves to dramatically claim that she’s a team player, she ditches her team time and again out of her sheer stupidity. From revealing their tactics by shouting at the highest pitch to backing out because she’s too scared to go through the process, she has done it all.

Afsana Khan is one gharwala in the BB house who has been revealing multiple aspects of her personality. And, we gotta say, if she’s not being annoying, she’s being hilarious.

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