From Truth Bombs To Nap Dates: Twitter Thread On First Date Fails Is Making Us Say ‘Same’

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Aug 6, 2020
From Truth Bombs To Nap Dates: Twitter Thread On First Date Fails Is Making Us Say ‘Same’

Most people term the first few months of a relationship as the ‘honeymoon period’ as they are the best days in a couple’s life. They are more romantic, spend a lot of time together and fight the least. We all have been there–trying to go the extra mile just to please our ‘new’ partners.

Sadly, first dates don’t always go well for all of us. Sometimes the other person just isn’t compatible with you, and other times they’re just a straight-up jerk. This conversation started on Twitter when a lawyer named Eli McCann Tweeted saying: “For my second date with my husband we met in NYC and went to a party and ended up at a McDonald’s at 3:00 AM where he reached across the table, grabbed my hands, looked at me adoringly, and said “I hate this. I wanted to go to bed at 9:00. Do not expect this of me again.” The whole thought behind having a horrible first date, yet getting to be with that person for the rest of your life sparked an online thread of stories. 

Soon after this Tweet went viral, netizens lost the plot and started talking about their own first date stories. The tweet has received almost 1.5 lakh views already and over 9 thousand retweets since August 2. 

Before we knew it, the thread was filled with people sharing their terrible first date experiences. However, the positive spin to each of them was that all these first date ‘fails’ actually turned into a successful relationship for each of them!

‘Don’t Expect This Of Me Again’

We have made a list of one of the best replies that are so funny yet super adorable. Read on to know more.

Get set…go!

Virtual dating at it’s best

Welcome baby girl

Happy Halloween

A nap date? Sure!

Long but worth it!

Ah! The one


What a story

A love like this

Well, on my first date, we both talked about our exes and decided to get back together with them. For whatever reasons that didn’t work out for either one of us. 6 years later, I call him my husband. 

While romcoms have probably spoilt us with perfect dates and happily-ever-afters, real life isn’t always like that. Humans are complex beings with complicated emotions, and the idea of ‘perfection’ that we tend to chase honestly doesn’t exist.

Real love is a mix of the good and the bad–but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t absolutely worth it.

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