A Terminally-Ill Fan’s Message To Twinkle Khanna Will Move You To Tears

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Oct 4, 2019
A Terminally-Ill Fan’s Message To Twinkle Khanna Will Move You To Tears

In the digital age, we barely have the time for ourselves, let alone each other. While we are constantly trying to maintain the fast pace of our lives, sometimes things happen around us which helps us to put things into perspective and makes us realise the value of life.

Former Bollywood star Twinkle Khanna took to Instagram to share a DM that she received from a fan who is suffering from last stage cancer. Read the heartfelt message for yourself:


It makes you think about just how precious life is, doesn’t it?

An emotional Twinkle, who was really moved by the words of her fan, decided to reply to her. She also highlighted how her words made the stranger smile, while that stranger’s words moved her to tears. Twinkle shared, “Words are powerful creatures. They are bridges. They are conduits. They are sanctuaries. Mine gave a stranger joy, hers moved me deeply. I wrote back to her this morning and as odd as it seems, I was crying….”

She further added, “For someone I don’t know and perhaps for all the people I have lost. I read her note and a tiny word stood out. Kids. Pain doesn’t frighten mothers, our bodies have been ripped in half before, it is the thought of the pain that our children will feel because of our absence that smashes us to bits. I wish this brave woman and her children all the strength in the world.”

We’re not crying, you are!

Twinkle Khanna made her Bollywood debut in 1995 with Barsaat, which was a huge box-office hit. After exhibiting her acting skills in a few more films, Twinkle took a permanent hiatus from B-Town, citing that she doesn’t enjoy being an actor anymore. Fast forward two decades later, Twinkle has impressed bibliophiles across the world with her three super-successful books. Being an established author, Twinkle is well-accustomed to receiving all kinds of reactions and responses from critics and fans alike and often leaves us in splits with her witty replies.

It’s time to feel thankful for what you have and express gratitude towards everything and everyone that’s important to you. 

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 Featured Image: Instagram

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