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A Remake Of RHTDM With Alia Bhatt & Kartik Aaryan As Leads? Here’s What R Madhavan Has To Say

A Remake Of RHTDM With Alia Bhatt & Kartik Aaryan As Leads? Here’s What R Madhavan Has To Say

Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein remains imprinted in the hearts and souls of early 90s kids. So many of us kept watching it on loop on those pirated CDs, soaking in R Madhavan and Dia Mirza’s heady romance paying no heed to the pixelated screens. It was all worth it! We were sold on the notion of unyielding love, the one that changes hearts and justifies compulsive behaviour, stalking, and identity theft. It was all fair in love and thus RHTDM became one of the most iconic films of our time. This is why when we heard some chatter about the film’s remake a couple of years ago, we panicked! Not everything should be remade and we especially felt this way about RHTDM. Where were they gonna get Maddy’s charming smile again? And what about Reena’s grace? How were they gonna do it all without the original cast that had denied being a part of the remake?


Well, Madhavan kinda has the answers to all our questions. The actor shared in a recent interview that if the filmmakers actually decided to go for the film’s remake, Alia Bhatt and Kartik Aaryan will be the perfect cast.

Thinking of it, the pairing does make a lot of sense to us as well. If there’s a remake of RHTDM with Alia-Kartik as the lead pair, we might after all give it our approval too. However, Madhavan still has his reservations and believes that remaking the film is a bad idea.


The actor added during the interview that recreating something as popular and big as RHTDM is a huge gamble and if it were for him, there will never be a remake of the film. He said, “I think it’s foolishness, and that’s my opinion. I wouldn’t want to touch that. I wouldn’t do it as a producer. I wish them all the very best from the bottom of my heart, I do.”

Sharing the reasoning behind his reservations, Madhavan further added, “And I hope they surprise because nothing in the industry can actually be predicted but it has a lot of memories attached to it for a lot of people. For the audiences, it is more than a movie. It is sort of an anthem in some ways. It’s like almost saying that 15 years from now you want to remake 3 Idiots. I don’t think it’s a sensible… let me just put it again – I think it’s a brave decision.”

What Madhavan has said makes perfect sense to us. But, a remake with Alia-Kartik as leads sounds quite tempting as well. We are honestly torn. What do you think, fam? Should they go for a remake after two decades of the OG film?

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28 Jun 2022

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