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A Love Letter To Archana Gautam, The Show-Stopper Of Bigg Boss 16

A Love Letter To Archana Gautam, The Show-Stopper Of Bigg Boss 16

Dear Queen Of Bigg Boss 16,

Let’s start with an honest confession. When I saw you for the first time on BB 16, I didn’t have any expectations. Given your tendency to pick up fights, I thought you were too much, too loud, and too dramatic. But guess what I have realised in the past two weeks? I was too blind to your awesomeness.

They say ‘no guts, no glory’ and who knows this better than you? In the entire house, you are the only one with the courage to stand up against Sajid Khan and the gang. When the filmmaker made a degrading comment about Gori Nagori, you had her back. When Shiv Thakare was bullying you, you didn’t take it lying down. And while everyone kept mollycoddling Abdu Rozik, you were the one who started treating him like a contestant.


Sure, you made some bad decisions along the way but the truth is you learned your lessons and came back stronger than ever. NGL, I truly believe there is nobody else more aggressive than Sajid in the BB house. Unfortunately, no one calls him out for his vile comments. But you aren’t one to lurk in the shadows. From questioning Sajid about his connections to slamming him for commenting on your dad, babe you did it all and you did it well.

I especially want to mention one of your most iconic lines this season—maar maar ke mor bana dungi. That’s exactly what you have done to the haters in the house. 

As Iron Man once said, “Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” So, Archana you might not have been the hero we all wanted but you are the hero we all need.

While everyone in the house was busy looking for crutches and connections, you were the lone wolf that stood out. Doesn’t matter who takes the trophy home, for millions like me, you are already the winner.

Maybe someday you will stumble upon this letter and realise how incredibly proud I am to watch you on screen every night. Here’s hoping you keep up the good fight and keep marching on sans any fear in the world!

With love,

Your biggest fangirl!

P.S. Do book yourself a massage after Bigg Boss. Your back must be hurting after carrying the entire weight of this season!

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24 Nov 2022

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