7 Things I Want To Tell Him In Bed (I Hope He Reads This!)

Anasuya RayAnasuya Ray  |  May 5, 2016
7 Things I Want To Tell Him In Bed (I Hope He Reads This!)


So, dear man, I do love having sex with you. But there are a few things that I feel somewhat awkward about saying to you in the heat of the moment. While I work my way up to being brave enough to actually tell you this – until I can be a bit bolder with my pillow talk – here’s my list…

pillow talk 0

1. That thing you do with your tongue is great, but can you go a little slower?

It tickles!

pillow talk 1

2. Gently, please!

My boobs have feelings too.

pillow talk 2

3. Please warn me in advance the next time you’re feeling experimental!

I got quite a shock the last time. Made me feel more apprehensive than adventurous.

pillow talk 4

4. A little less harder?

Banging my head against the headboard is not so much fun.

pillow talk 3

5. I love going down on you…

But not ALL the time!

pillow talk 8

6. And I also love it when you go down on me…

More of that? Pretty please?

pillow talk 6

7. A little spooning never hurt anyone!

Cuddle me, and I promise you a quickie afterwards.

pillow talk 7

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