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Dear Best Friend’s Boyfriend, You Need To Read This.

Dear Best Friend’s Boyfriend, You Need To Read This.

Dear Best Friend’s Boyfriend,

Please keep in mind that it has taken me a lot of time, effort and maturity to even call you “Dear”, because it is a word that I hold really close to my heart, and don’t use sparingly. I know we’ve had the best of moments, I know we’ve grown really close, you have basically become family to me. We’ve had days when we haven’t met eye to eye, and maybe some part of me will always hold back from loving you the way you’re supposed to be loved. Sit down, dear friend, I want you to read this, I want you to know these things because if I don’t say it now, maybe I never will. And no, this isn’t about how much I love being the third wheel because you guys make me feel so comfortable.

1 Boyfriend of my best friend

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My best friend, also your girlfriend, has been my only true friend and you know that I wouldn’t have to think twice before taking a bullet or several for her. I’ve known her for the longest time now, I’ve seen her through all her little joys and her miserable heartbreaks (some heartbreaks that I’m really glad happened! Do you remember that guy she used to once date?) Well, I’m glad she’s done and dusted dating all those guys who never deserved her in the first place, and has finally found someone like you. I will take this moment to silently reflect on two things: (a) I hate you a little bit (because I’m jealous) and (b) She loves you more than she loves me.

For the latter, I will always hold a grudge against you. I never had to share her the way I do with you. It’s hard knowing that she’s chosen you over me, no matter how vehemently she denies it as she hugs me and plants those adorable, sloppy kisses on my cheeks. She really is adorable, isn’t she? But that’s not the point – the point is I will always be jealous of you, no matter what happens. But be rest assured that it’s a good thing too. I’ve seen her blossom because of you. She is a different person now. There is more zeal in her and she talks about you like you were the moon itself. You’ve moved her in a way that poets move mountains. No wonder she would choose you over me!

2 Boyfriend of my best friend

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You gave her what I could never give her. I was never the confidence booster she needed, I would try, but there would always be something lacking. We had each other but she needed something else, she needed something I couldn’t put a finger on, she needed “You”.

I would tell you what every other stereotypical best friend would say, “I will hurt you if you hurt her”, but truth is, I won’t. We won’t have the time or the energy to give you a second thought. You will miss her and you won’t find a better person than her. So, make sure you take that step very carefully. She will move on and never even think about you if you hurt her, and when you want her back, she will have forgotten about you. She loves you immensely, but she knows how to take care of herself too. You probably know that she’s fiercely independent and that’s why you are in love with her maybe. But enough of the threats, I’m sure only a brain-dead person would ever leave her.

Dear friend, thank you for being a part of our lives and bringing in so much joy. Stick around, there’s much to discover.

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21 Jul 2016

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