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Makeup 411: The Absolute Do’s And Don’ts Of Putting On A Dark Lip!

Makeup 411: The Absolute Do’s And Don’ts Of Putting On A Dark Lip!

It is barely even Autumn and the dark lip trend has already been riding the high waves for a while. I for one don’t like it as much. There’s this mental block that stops me from putting on a dark lip. But one thing is for sure, if you’re in the beauty world, your mental blocks will be broken down with a karate chop. So as I was trying the dark lip trend, there were a few things that were working and a few that weren’t. 

So here are some do’s and don’ts of putting on a dark lip colour!

1. Pick a finish

I know a lot of people say that you should pick colours according to your skin tone but seriously that’s really passe! Just pick a colour and do what you like. But you definitely should pick a finish according to your skin tone. I’ll tell you why. If you have lighter skin, you could go for a matte or velvety finish which would look intense but would also show the contrast between your skin and lip colour better. If you have a dusky or olive skin tone, and the lip colour you’ve picked is closer to your skin tone, just go for a more creamy or frosted finish. This would again disallow the lip colour to blend in with your skin!

2. Prep is important

Dark lips tend to stain a little so if you have cracked or chapped lips there are chances that the colour might seep into the cracks and then be difficult to get rid of after. 


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3. Get a lip liner

If you’re planning on going super dark with your lip colour or even if it is a berry tone make sure you have a lip liner to go with it. Yes, even if you DON’T use lip liner on a regular basis. Darker lip colours tend to bleed so you need to give a line and then fill it in. I personally fill in my lips with the liner because that helps me give my lip colour a base as well. 

4. A base is necessary

The more intense the colour, the higher the requirement of some sort of base for the skin. Dark lips usually end up giving off shadows around the mouth area and make it look darker. So you need to ensure that you at least put concealer around your lips if you have no makeup on. I also personally suggest that you at least put some volumising mascara and do your brows otherwise there are HIGH chances of you looking a little gaunt. 

5. Keep your outfit under consideration

While it isn’t important to match, just remember that a dark lip has a tendency of looking super intense. So make sure what you’re wearing complements the intensity of the lip in some way. 


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6. Do a teeth check

Put your finger in your mouth, wrap the lips around it and then pull your finger out. This move will make sure your lip colour doesn’t get on your teeth. 

I usually get super conscious when I have a dark lip on, but over time I have learnt that the quicker I get used to it, so does everyone else. So just wear it with confidence!

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29 Aug 2018

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