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Smell Like A Dream: A Simple Guide To Finding Your Signature Scent

Smell Like A Dream: A Simple Guide To Finding Your Signature Scent

How many times has it happened that a person entered the same room as you and left a lasting impression without even speaking to you? Most of the time, this lasting impression is a cumulative result of charm, etiquettes, style, and a soft lingering fragrance you can’t forget. Ever wondered how to get the right fragrance that matches your personality? Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about that perfume you borrowed from your friend, of which you can’t remember the name?

Today we will look at different fragrance families for a variety of occasions, and the mood they set. There are four fragrance families with further sub divisions. You can pick and choose what goes best with your personality type and holds a chance to be your signature scent. 


A Fragrance For Every Mood

Your fragrance speaks volumes about you without you having to use your words, and every adult must have a signature scent that they should keep as a constant. In order to find which fragrance type will be the best choice for you, you need to understand the basics of fragrance families. 

Fresh Fragrance Family


Fresh fragrances have bright and clean scents and are found more in men’s fragrances than in women’s. They are made with either of its sub-categories, namely:

  • Aromatic: Fresh yet uncomplicated and clean aromatic, herb fragrance notes.
  • Citrus: Zesty, tangy fragrance notes like lemon, mandarin, and pineapple.
  • Water: Fresh aquatic fragrance notes like sea salt, morning mist, and rain.
  • Green: Fragrance notes of freshly cut grass or leaves.

Mood: Energetic

Floral Fragrance Family


Floral is one of the most common fragrance families and is heavily used in women’s fragrances. They usually have a powdery scent of freshly cut flowers and fruits. Popular for the summer season, this fragrance family can be further divided into these subcategories: 

  • Fruity: Tropical and sweet fragrance notes like a peach. 
  • Floral: Sweet fragrance notes of freshly cut flowers like roses or lilies.
  • Soft Floral: Powdery fragrance notes with a creamy and soft intensity. 
  • Floral Oriental: A soft mix of floral and spice fragrance notes

Mood: Uplifting, sweet

Oriental Fragrance Family


Oriental Fragrance family includes exotic scents of dried spices. A bit heady, these fragrance notes are often strong and are softened by musk and amber notes. Oriental fragrance family is further subdivided into these categories: 

  • Soft Oriental: Floral notes mixed with warm spice notes and incense. 
  • Oriental: Spice notes that are on the sweeter side like vanilla and cinnamon. 
  • Woody Oriental: Earthy fragrance notes mixed with spicy and sweet notes. 

Mood: Seductive

Wood Fragrance Family


Extremely popular among men’s fragrances, this fragrance family is slowly gaining popularity in women’s fragrances as well. Woody fragrance family includes warm and opulent fragrance notes of intense like notes, for example – sandalwood and cedar. The subcategories of this fragrance families are: 

  • Woods: Aromatic woody notes like sandalwood and cedarwood. 
  • Mossy Woods: Earthy scents with sweet notes like amber.
  • Dry Woods: Smoky wood fragrance notes with leather scents. 

Mood: Soothing

Make Your Own Signature Scent


Although expert perfumers formulate exceptional formulas for unique fragrances for different brands, no one is stopping you from mixing different fragrances to make your own signature scent (except the perfume lords who hate mismatched fragrance notes). The simple rule of mixing fragrance notes is to mix three fragrance families that create a triangle on the fragrance wheel. This triangle equals a harmonious balance of fragrance notes for a pleasant scent. 

The world is your oyester – select what you may!

Featured Image: Pexels

13 Jul 2021

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