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9 Women Share Why They’re Reluctant To Use Menstrual Cups & Their Answers Will Surprise You

9 Women Share Why They’re Reluctant To Use Menstrual Cups & Their Answers Will Surprise You

They’re reusable, economic, and environment-friendly. They provide leak proof comfort like no other period aid and are believed to alleviate menstrual cramps too. No points for guessing, we’re talking about menstrual cups. 

The funnel-shaped device sits comfortably inside the vagina to collect your catamenia instead of absorbing it. It keeps your genitals fresh and clean, works like a charm even for those with a heavy period flow, and keeps rashes at bay. But despite its multitude of benefits, most of us still count on disposable sanitary pads and tampons to manage our mohtlies. According to a report by UNESCO, about 52% of urban and 20% of rural menstruating women stick to sanitary pads and napkins during shark week. 

Now, these numbers made us really curious about why so many of us are still hesitant to make the sustainable switch to menstrual cups. So we decided to hear it from the horse’s mouth. We got in touch with 9 women from different cities to understand things from their perspectives. Read on to find out what they had to say while we simultaneously set their misconceptions straight once and for all: 

Lack Of Awareness

I got my first period when I was 15 and I started with cotton napkins. In my village, ‘period’ is still a forbidden word and I switched to sanitary pads only when I started going to college. There’s no concept of menstrual cups here and I’ve heard it from you for the first time. 
-Sunita Panday, 24
Badalpura, Patna

Fact Check

Period taboo and lack of awareness especially in the smaller cities are keeping women from making the sustainable switch. However, the #PeriodsNoShame campaign by Sirona aims to spread the good word on menstrual cups and help people overcome the stigma. They even have an informative period survey to help you manage your monthlies better. Additionally, the Sirona Hygiene Foundation is working towards educating underprivileged menstruating women about menstrual health and cup handling and is donating menstrual cups too.

Hesitation To Try Something New

I have been using sanitary napkins ever since my periods began. Sometimes they move while I am sleeping and I end up with stained sheets. I’ve heard menstrual cup users sleep much more comfortably on their period. But the idea of switching to them makes me anxious.
-Shraddha Topo, 27
Lucknow, UP

Fact Check

Trying something new can be quite unnerving. However, Sirona’s Menstrual Cups won’t make you regret letting your guard down. The ergonomic suction rim of this device creates a firm grip on your vaginal muscles. So the cup stays right in place and provides leakproof protection for eight hours straight.

The Apparent Pain Scare

What? Menstrual cups! No! Good god! What if my hole is too small? I cannot imagine going through the pain of inserting a funnel-shaped device into my vagina. 
Sehej Sharma, 24
Pune, Maharashtra 

Fact Check

The flexible vaginal canal can easily stretch out and accommodate the cup. Additionally, Sirona’s Menstrual Cup is made with ultra-soft, flexible, medical-grade silicone. It can be folded into a C-shape for easier insertion. Pro tip: you can use Sirona’s Moisturising Lube Tube on your vaginal opening during the initial phase of getting used to the cup. Made with natural ingredients like Tasmanian pepper fruit, it’ll allow for seamless insertion and take the edge off your cup anxiety. 

The ‘Loose Vagina’ Fear

I know menstrual cups are great but what if they stretch out the vaginal muscles? I don’t want to end up with a loose vagina. 
-Falguni Mendiratta, 24

Fact Check

Again, vaginal muscles are made with flexible tissues. They can stretch out to accommodate the cup and contract back to their original form once the cup is out.  Here’s a video to help you understand how the cup functions exactly:

Period Stigma

It’s gross! I can’t be touching the blood and inserting something into my vagina while I am on my period. Pads may be a tad bit uncomfortable but at least I don’t have to touch the blood. 
-Shreya Bhasin, 23

Fact Check

Period blood is not impure. It contains parts of the uterine lining and vaginal fluids, but it is essentially the same blood that flows through your veins. So, there’s no reason for you to be scared of touching it. In fact, according to a study published in the journal Lancet Public Health, using menstrual cups can boost your body confidence. They require you to get up, close, and personal with your natural fluids and can help with body image issues. 

The Seemingly Difficult Cup Maintenance

Who will undergo the hassle of washing and sanitising the cup, yaar! Just wear a tampon and throw it away. Simple. No jhanjhat!
-Siya Aggarwal, 26

Fact Check

Maintaining a cup is way easier than you think. The drill is simple: wear-remove-wash with water-insert again. All you gotta do is cleanse the cup with Sirona’s Hygienic Menstrual Cup Wash once a day for complete germ removal and tada! You’re good to go for the rest of the day.

The Cup-Disappearance Myth

I am a sports enthusiast. Even if I am able to insert the menstrual cup successfully, what if it gets too further in while I am playing or moving? Worse, what if it gets lost inside?
-Aksah Punj, 29
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Fact Check

Your vaginal canal starts from the vaginal opening and ends at the cervix. There’s no way that the menstrual cup can cross the cervix and get mysteriously lost inside your body. If you’re unable to locate the cup, it means you’ve chosen a smaller cup or have a higher cervix. Refer to this size guide for a more precise estimation. 

The Big ‘V’ Obsession

I always knew about menstrual cups but never used them or tampons because I thought they would break the hymen and make me lose my virginity.
-Niyati Khandelwal, 25
Ludhiana, Punjab

Fact Check

The hymen is a thin tissue at the opening of the vaginal canal. It stretches and compresses like any other muscle in the body and can get ripped during exercise or any vigorous physical activity. It is not an indicator of one’s virginity. The hymen of an adolescent with an active lifestyle might be broken already. So the chances of a menstrual cup’s role in it are very bleak.

Misconceptions About Cup Hygiene

How can you reuse a period aid? It sounds unhygienic. Inserting a germ-laden device into the vagina over and over again sounds like an infection invitation to me.
-Khyati Nathwani, 29
Kolkata, Bengal

Fact Check

Apart from cleansing the cup with the cup wash, you must decontaminate it using Sanitising Siorna’s Menstrual Cup Sterliser once in the middle of your cycle and before storing it for your next period. It kills 99.9% of germs in only three minutes. So you don’t have to worry about infections.

Fam, menstrual cups are the safest, comfiest period aids. Ask around and every cup user will have great things to say about it. Surely, the initial phase of getting used to the cup may be a tad bit tricky. But trust us, once you’re over that period, you will never look back at disposable pads and tampons.

Featured Image: Pexels

24 May 2022

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