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9 Koffee With Karan Moments That Prove Sisters Are Always Before Misters

9 Koffee With Karan Moments That Prove Sisters Are Always Before Misters

Koffee With Karan is back with a bang! The highly anticipated show kicked off this weekend and we can’t wait for celebrities to spill all their sass and secrets over Koffee. Karan Johar’s first two guests for the new season – Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone – share a great camaraderie and we can already see that something exciting is brewing in the background.


Here are a few moments from the show where the women of the hour have supported each other and some, where they ’ve just shared an awesome chemistry over a cuppa.

1. The Girlfriends – Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone (S06E1)

Deepika Alia

The country has been abuzz with chatter about Koffee With Karan making a comeback with its sixth season for the past month. And needless to say, the first episode, which aired on Sunday, October 21, did not disappoint. With Bollywood stars Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone as the chosen guests opening the show, we’re sure viewers got their time’s worth. Now, we know KJo is a worthy host but he proved his mettle by being the ideal catalyst for Alia and Deepika to spill the beans on everything we wanted to know. Deepika and Alia were more than gracious with each other and didn’t have even a slight bit of awkwardness as they went on to discuss Ranbir Kapoor, who as we all know is Alia’s current “rumoured” beau and DP’s ex. They also discussed Ranveer and Deepika’s wedding plans with elan. It was a night to witness girl love. Moreover, Alia Bhatt revealed a more ‘regular’ side of herself by letting out a burp… on national television. Not to mention in front of a scandalised Karan who was immediately told off by Deepika, “Don’t judge, Karan,” she said. At the end of the episode, one realises that there is no drama where it doesn’t need to be – even among big Bollywood celebrities.

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2. Socially Anti-Social – Anushka and Katrina (S05E08)


What happens when two people sharing great camaraderie meet up on the Koffee With Karan couch? Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma showed a completely different, never-before-seen side to themselves and nearly sent Karan into a meltdown. From both claiming they bond over the fact that they are anti-social to having ‘to-the-point’ phone conversations, this episode was a laugh riot!

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3. Deflection Is The Name Of The Game – Sonam and Kareena (S05E11)

Kareena sonam

First, let’s all agree that Bebo has been the best guest ever on this show. Okay, now that we have that settled, let’s talk about the episode. There was the segment on Ranbir Kapoor, the non-stop praise from Sonam and when the now Mrs Ahuja denied the rumours about her London boyfriend. And how can we forget Bebo’s most popular line on the show, “I don’t believe in awards, I only believe in rewards!”? Frankly, there were quite a few moments when things could have exploded. Both women kept their opinions to themselves and, much to Karan’s annoyance, never let a controversial letter slip.

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4. Frenemies? Who? Us? – Parineeti and Alia (S04E19)

Parineeti Alia

The two (then) upcoming actresses were being pitted against each other at the time. However, both Alia and Parineeti declared that whatever was being said about them was not true. Parineeti went on to reveal that after the release of Ishaqzaade and before Student of the Year released, Alia had called her to ask her how she cried so well and applauded her proficiency in Hindi. Now if that’s not women lifting each other up, then we don’t know what is.

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5. Jab They Met! – Juhi and Madhuri (S04E13)


There was a wide cheesy grin cemented on my face during this episode. Why, you ask? It was the first time two of Bollywood’s megastars appeared on screen together (albeit the small screen). Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit had years of rumoured rivalry. The two graciously cleared the air and revealed that there nothing but genuine respect between the two. Where is that repeat button!?

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6. New BFFs Alert – Priyanka and Deepika (S04E06)


At the time, both leading ladies were making a lot of noise in Bollywood (and Hollywood for the matter!) with Bajirao Mastani. However, it was those quieter moments they spent listening to the other talk about them that shone in this episode. Deepika understood Priyanka’s dejection when she didn’t win the Best Actress award for Barfi. Priyanka stood behind Deepika when she expressed disappointment with her relationship with Ranbir. Tinseltown had a new set of BFFs!

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7. The One With The Thumb – Vidya and Rani (S03E10)


On one of the most intellectually sound episodes of the season, Vidya Balan and Rani Mukherjee started a mutual admiration society. They have generally adored each other’s work when they have been on the couch individually but then together was another ball game. They behaved like they were in love with each other, blatantly spoofing the theme of Karan’s Dostana and then Vidya went on to prove her love by licking Rani’s thumb as sensually as she possibly could. It was a riot to see how comfortable two contemporaries were with each other.

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8. Sisters Before Misters Indeed – Gauri and Suzanne (S01E08)

Gauri Suzanne

We are rolling back the years to Season 1 when Gauri and Suzanne refused to let Shah Rukh and Hrithik’s rivalry at the time affect their friendship. The two women denied any social awkwardness and claimed to remain besties despite what everyone else was saying.

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9. We Are Okay – Kareena and Rani (S01E02)

Rani Kareena

This is one situation that could have easily gone sour. Karan came out all guns firing with his “are you friends” question, but kudos to Rani and especially Kareena for handling it flawlessly. Her answer was frank, honest and laid the benchmark for all other episodes that season.

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The new season has us rummaging our kitchen for those tubs of popcorn and we’re sure it’ll have you doing the same. You can stream all the episodes from the latest season and the previous 1-5 seasons, as well, exclusively on Hotstar. So clear your schedules already!


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24 Oct 2018

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