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8 Ways Every Beauty Lover Can Make The Most Out Of Her Long Weekend

8 Ways Every Beauty Lover Can Make The Most Out Of Her Long Weekend

The long weekend is here and honestly, it’s super exciting. Even though we have to stay at home and can’t really do anything special, it’s still nice to know that Monday blues won’t be a thing next week. So because of the pandemic and the fact that we’re locked indoors (for our own safety) we thought we’d give you guys some ideas of what to spend your time doing. 

Throw Out Old Makeup

Let’s be honest, we should all do a makeup cleanse more frequently than we do. Sit with all your mascaras, lipsticks, and foundations in front of you and check the expiry date or if they’ve dried up and throw them in the trash. You’ll feel great when you’ve thrown the rubbish away and only have the makeup you can still use. 

Give Yourself A Relaxing Face Massage

With the hectic schedules we’re all living and the amount of time we’re spending on the screens, our skin needs some extra TLC. Spend time this weekend massaging your face so that you’ll get that healthy glow from within on Rakhi. 

Organise Your Skincare Cabinet

Are you one of those people who buy skincare products, hoards them, and then barely ever uses them… cause, same! Well, now is the time to take time and go through all your serums and night creams and throw out the ones that have expired and see if you will use the others. Ask people in your house if they want to try out some face masks with you so that you can make it into a quarantine activity.


Do The Entire 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

The Korean skincare can seem daunting when you’ve never done it only because it has so many steps. But, now that you’ve got time on your hands, actually take some time out to show your skin love. Do it at night before bed and it’ll be a kind of relaxing therapy time too.

Binge Watch One Too Many Makeup Tutorials

Binge-watching makeup tutorials is somehow weirdly soothing for me. I can be on YouTube for hours and watch my fav bloggers doing different eyeshadow looks even though I never get around to trying them. You can actually put on a simpler tutorial and follow along to understand how to perfectly blend your nose contour- it’s an art, might as well perfect it.

Learn To Curl You Hair With A Flat Iron

You don’t need an expensive curler to get those ringlets in your hair, all you need is a flat iron. Now that you have time, you can actually get around to learning a new hairstyle. You can totes show off your skills on Rakhi and add hairstylist to your resume!

Whip Up A DIY Hair Mask

There are so many DIY hair masks that you can try because if not now then when? You need to check what ingredients you have in your kitchen, whip up a concoction, and put it on your hair. Leave it for a few hours and then wash it off. Trust us, your hair will be happy and healthy and shiny!


Paint Your Nails, They Deserve Attention

It feels like nails are getting ignored by everyone right now but they deserve their time in the sun too. Take time out and give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Try some DIY nail art if you can!

So, beauty lovers, let’s make the most of this long weekend!?

Image Source: Pexels

31 Jul 2020

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