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Coffee Enthusiast? 8 Awesome Additions To Your Morning Cuppa Joy!

Nidhi KavleNidhi Kavle  |  Sep 3, 2019
Coffee Enthusiast? 8 Awesome Additions To Your Morning Cuppa Joy!


Them: Wake up and smell the coffee! Me: Not until I actually have some of it in my system!

Is that you every morning? I’m definitely one of those people who can’t wake up or hold a conversation until I have some caffeine in my system. I know I’m guilty of being late to work (more often than I’d like to admit) only to pick up my favourite cuppa happiness on my route. Starbucks, CCD and Blue Tokai have spoilt us for choice. After being so spoilt for flavours, textures and the different blends, having the exact same cup of coffee every morning can get pretty monotonous, I feel you. 

If You’re A Coffee Enthusiast, Here Are 8 Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Cuppa Joy


The good news is that you can whip these up in the comfort of your home. Think of all the money saved on buying Starbucks every morning! I’m always browsing through grocery store isles in search of new varieties of coffee. Whether you like a cold brew or a dark roast, these additions will complement any style of coffee you choose to drink. I’ve even got some options for those of you who are trying to keep a check on your weight!


If you’re trying to keep a check on your weight by reducing your sugar intake, Stevia extract is a natural sweetener made using stevia leaves. It’s a healthy sugar-free alternative you can add to your coffee without worrying about packing on those pounds. The taste is slightly bitter-sweet. It will take you a week or maybe two to develop a palette for it, but once you go sugar-free, I promise there’s no going back. Those pounds will fall right off and you won’t even realise it. You can get it in its original form – stevia leaves, powder or even liquid


If sugar-free and stevia extract isn’t exactly palatable, I would highly recommend adding in a dash of honey or agave into your coffee. It isn’t as sweet as actual sugar, but it’s definitely healthier. Look for organic or forest honey and pure agave extract to ensure that you get more of the good stuff and less of the baddies. 



If indulgence is your middle name, condensed milk will be a wonderful replacement for sugar in your morning cuppa caffeine. It’s slightly sweeter and richer, so depending on your sweet tooth, add 1-2 tablespoons into your regular hot or cold coffee.

Vanilla or Hazelnut Flavoured Syrups

You know those flavoured lattes and cold brews you pick up (at a hefty price)? Those are flavoured using food syrups. You get a variety of cocktail and mocktail blends in the market, the best ones for coffees, however, are hazelnut or vanilla. A spoonful of this into your morning cuppa coffee will definitely brighten up your mood and your day. 

Coffee-Mate Creamer

Coffee-mate creamer is basically milk powder. While it still counts as dairy, it’s a great option to carry with you when you’re travelling or if you want to cut down on your milk intake. Make your regular black coffee and throw in a spoonful or two of this creamer and you’ll be all set. You get this in different flavours too.

Coconut oil

Want your morning cuppa coffee to power you through breakfast and lunch? A splash of coconut oil into your coffee will add a healthy amount of fat into your coffee while giving you the energy to keep going through the morning. Perhaps that’s why they call it bulletproof coffee! If you’ve ever heard of the keto diet, or if you happen to be ON the diet, you know that this is your morning breakfast. The coconut oil acts as your fat and your morning meal while the caffeine gives you the needed energy boost. A self-stirring coffee mug is a perfect companion for your bulletproof coffee. It’ll make sure your coffee is always blended! 

Cocoa Powder or Chocolate Syrup


Are you a fan of mocha coffee? All you need are a few chocolate sprinkles, cocoa powder or even chocolate syrup. If you’re using cocoa powder and chocolate sprinkles, stir in a tablespoon into your coffee while it’s still hot. These tend to clump up together so you can use a hand blender or a whisk to make it easier. You can even have a mocha iced-coffee by adding a few tablespoons of hot water to stir in the cocoa powder before adding it into your ice brew. 


Like the spicy, heady aroma of cinnamon? Add a pinch of cinnamon to your coffee. If you love the flavour, you will definitely like the zing it adds to your coffee. And the best part? It’s going to boost your metabolism and help reduce your blood sugar. A win-win! 

Bet you’re craving a hot cuppa coffee now! Which one of these do you plan to try today?

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