Oh-So-Instagrammable: 8 Novelty Gifts To Give Your Blogger Friend!

Shagun MarwahShagun Marwah  |  Jun 11, 2019
Oh-So-Instagrammable: 8 Novelty Gifts To Give Your Blogger Friend!


Let’s admit – no matter how “awesome” a blogger’s life may look from the outside, the amount of work and perfection that’s required to make their presence count is far from a piece of cake. Nobody is born as a blogger on a bed of roses. They work day and night to gain the trust of their followers and establish a fan base that genuinely looks forward to their creations. Plus, gaining assurance from popular or upcoming brands for regular collaboration is very tough.

Lately, blogging has become one of the most competitive professions in India. With millions of bloggers, sharing a similar passion for fashion, beauty or lifestyle, one needs to be as unique and interesting as possible for a recognition that’s worth it. So, if you’ve got a friend who has been giving her best into the world of blogging, show her some love and admiration with these 8 novelty gifts.

1. For The One Who Is Fiercely Unstoppable

Being a blogger requires you to take your professional life into your own hands and work on your own terms. It requires dedication, persuasion and absolute confidence in yourself. Gift this stylish tote bag to your blogger friend who clearly won at least half the battle by just deciding to follow her dream. And while the rest of the battle won’t be easy, it will be tote-ally be worth it.

2. For The One Who Is The Queen Of Her Life

If you’re a blogger, you’re pretty much the boss of your own work. Which further makes you the queen of your own life! You can work anytime you want, anywhere you want and most importantly, HOWEVER, you want. But as fun, as it sounds, it comes with many responsibilities and expectations. So, when things don’t go your way – drink some coffee, keep your head up and don’t let that tiara fall, princess!

3. For The One Who Is Proud Of Her Work

Being a blogger requires you to look your best and feel happy in your own skin all the time. For you never know, where you might be recognised as a star and asked for a selfie! So, gift this blogger-centric, awesome pouch to your friend to help her carry all the essentials or makeup for looking her absolute best and remain picture-ready – anytime, anywhere.

4. For The One Who Is Living Her Dreams

For those bloggers who dream with their eyes open and work twice as hard to achieve every single one of them, this notebook will be their best friend. Gift them this beautiful medium to list down their goals, plans of action or essential notes. And after a few years, this book will be a collection of all the stories that made them successful!

5. For The One Who Is Chasing Her Dreams 24X7

This laptop sleeve is for those who are in a happy relationship with their work and in love with their career. ‘Cause let’s face it – when you find something you enjoy doing, you don’t need any fixed timelines to work. Your work becomes the best part of your life and just the idea of it excites you! Hence, this becomes a perfect gift for all your workaholic bloggers who wake up, hustle and slay.

6. For The One Who Was Born To Fly High

This phone cover is perfect for those who dream to travel the world and want to be known for their work across the globe! Has your friend been working too hard lately but is starting to feel like it’s of no use? With this beautiful gift, reiterate her faith that one day, her work will reap rewards – so much so that she won’t feel the need to introduce herself anymore.

7. For The One Who Wants To Be The Best

For all budding bloggers, this book by Joy Deangdeelert is the ONLY blogging guide you’ll ever need. Not only does it help you to perfect your niche and choose the right platform but also helps you monetize it through a series of interviews by professional bloggers and the tips and tricks for building a successful blog. Written in an extremely understandable and interesting style, this book will make you stay glued to it from start till the end. Could there be a better gift than this?

8. For The One Who Needs A Gentle Reminder

Being a blogger is tough. While it’s fairly easy to compare yourself to others’ achievements and bring yourself down, one needs to stay strong. Everyone will get where they wish to go when the time is right. It’s not about how soon you reach but the journey that takes you there. So, with this poster, remind your friend to love herself unconditionally. ‘Cause, after all, she’s your *favourite* too!

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