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Sweat Stains To Transparent Tees: Girls Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Summer Fashion Fails!

Sweat Stains To Transparent Tees: Girls Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Summer Fashion Fails!

There’s no doubt that dressing for the summer is fun, but it can also be extremely tricky. Summer is all about balancing the playful looks you have planned in your head with the scorching sun that is on your head. As you give experimental dressing a go, the chances of fashion fails are immense and you can’t hide them from the sunshine. 

From micro shorts to see through whites and sweat stains, all of us have definitely experienced some of these fashion fails. The POPxo team reveals their most embarrassing summer fashion fails and these fails will ensure you take a closer look at your outfit before stepping out this summer!   

1. Beware of White

1. fashion fails beware of white

When it comes to summer dressing, my favourite go-to colour is white and I feel nothing is chicer than an all-white ensemble. It was one of those days where I picked out my favourite linen white palazzos and a royal blue tee. Looking at myself in the mirror I felt my fashion game was completely on point until I reached college and stood under the scorching sun. My friends pointed out that they could see my underwear through my pants. I couldn’t do anything about it at that point but thereafter I only wore those palazzos with kurtas or long tops. I never knew that white palazzos could be so tricky.

– Arushi Sakhuja, Editorial Coordinator

2. The Legend Of Swamp Pants

It’s a cautionary tale age-old, wear corduroy pants in the summer at your own risk! Full disclosure, final year of college I had to attend a placement committee mixer at our community hall. Now, I went to school in Pune, which is known for its pretty cool weather. But on this particular day, the temperatures had to rise and the air conditioning HAD to break down in the hall. So there I was, in my wine-hued corduroy pants, holding in a swamp and constantly shifting in agony of the sticky mess. Word of advice: Always wear comfortable cotton or linen bottoms in summers and NEVER trust your college AC.

-Sumona Bose, Fashion Writer

3. Sunkissed? No, sunburnt!

3. fashion fails sun tanned legs

This goes back in time when I tried experimenting with different kind of socks with my wardrobe when one fine day it turned out to be disastrous. I wore knee high stockings on a bright, sunny day to meet my friends. I came back home after lunch, changed into a different set of clothes and wore socks that reached my calves for a family get together. I soon as I reached back home in the evening and changed into my night clothes, I got the biggest shock of my life. My legs had three different tan shades and looked exactly like a shade card. The rest of the summer I had to cover my legs with loose bottoms.

– Saachi Bamba, Editorial Coordinator

4. Summer and long hair, not a great match!

This was a while ago. I am a chronic sweat-er but surprisingly the area where I sweat the most would be my scalp and face. More specifically my under-eye area and neck. I had been asked on a date by this guy I liked. You know how much pressure that is, and lord alone knows what possessed that boy but he asked me to go out to brunch with him. Let me tell you, looking good in the summer for a date is a nightmare for a face sweat-er. Anyway, I had this plan, I just had to be in the sun while I got out of the car and got into the restaurant and a few other times, otherwise, I should be safe. I decided against makeup but did a cute hairstyle anyway. You know when you’re nervous for a date everything will go wrong, right? He picked a table outdoors because it was “pleasant”. My hair became a soppy mess at the crown, the ends kept sticking to my neck and I had droplets ALL OVER my face and hairline. Let’s just say I used up an entire tissue box to keep my sanity in place that day. Luckily my personality and self-depreciating humour saved the day, or so I think!

– Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor

5. Why, leather seats, why?

summer fashion fails gif sweat

I’m a known summer-hater. For others, it’s too hot to bear. For me, it’s sweat city. If you didn’t know this already, sweat is cold murder when it comes to personal style. Makeup is useless. Sweat stains are a daily visitor (ew)… but most of all what I hate is direct contact between any plastic-y or leather surfaces and my thighs.

Exhibit A – Last summer, a couple of guy friends and I went out for lunch to a fancy-ish place. Now I say fancy, but apparently not fancy enough to turn the air conditioning up. It was hot as hell and apart from sweating tiny bullets on my face, I had another battle to fight. Leather seats. I was wearing a skirt so no, it wasn’t too pleasant having my sweaty, slippery thighs against that leather cushion. The icky feeling I was fighting throughout lunch wasn’t even the worst part. When we were done, I thanked God – I did it too soon – and got up, I couldn’t help but notice one of my friends look down at my seat for a split second longer than he would have normally. When I glanced down, I saw a very prominent sheen of sweat on the seat and I swear I was so embarrassed, I was crying in my head. The car ride back home was very obviously awkward. Eeeks! Even though I love skirts, I’m going to avoid wearing them out. Thanks a lot, summer!

– Arunima Rustagi, Senior Fashion Writer

6. The Wrath Of The Chub Rub


Thick thighs do more harm than good! Forget torn jeans and sizing issues but the real=est problem with thick thighs, especially in summers, is the chub rub. If you don’t know what a chub rub is, let me explain. You know the rash you get on your inner thighs when they rub together? Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about. One happy summer day, I decided to wear a skirt without realising what it would actually mean for me once I stepped out of the house and started sweating. The rest of the day I was waddling around like a duck since my inner thighs were raw and painful. But that was a lesson learnt. Now I always wear a pair of boy shorts under my dresses and skirts. Cannot risk going through that again!

-Srishti Gupta, Junior Lifestyle Editor

7. The Day I Realised I Was Allergic


Having grown up by the beach, I’ve always worn flip-flops and walked around barefoot in the sand. But I finally bought my first pair of plastic flip-flops thanks to the Havaianas craze that was taking India by a storm. That cute baby pink duo cost me a fair price when I wore them over my wet feet and discovered something that still haunts me. I’m allergic to plastic and silicon, YAY! Bye-bye cute flip-flops and every other summer footwear that ever looked cute. I walked around in the sand with a huge V-shaped cut across my foot and a huge scar on my heart, both of which ached and ruined my day. Alas, some things just aren’t meant to be. 

– Akanksha Bhatia, Lifestyle Writer

8. Too tight? Too Tight!

I have a habit of hoarding clothes which explains why I never threw away my clothes from college days. So, one fine day I decided to wear clothes from my old wardrobe. Turns out, not one of the best decisions I made. Turns out my top was too tight and I was uncomfortable all day. It got to a point where I heard a little ripping sound but thankfully it was at the end of the day. It could have been such a disaster otherwise!

– Krithika Kumar, Senior Features Writer


20 May 2018

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