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Dilli Darshan: 8 Most Addictive Instagram Accounts To Give You A Taste & Tour Of Delhi!

Shagun MarwahShagun Marwah  |  May 30, 2019
Dilli Darshan: 8 Most Addictive Instagram Accounts To Give You A Taste & Tour Of Delhi!


Over the past few years, Instagram has become of the most popular social media mediums in the world attracting millions of youngsters, children and adults alike! We’d be lying if we say that we didn’t spend at least a few minutes (or hours) scrolling through our feed, every day, on the lookout for the funniest memes, trending videos and all the rage. In fact, if you’re a foodie or a gallivanter just like us, I’m sure your feed is forever filled with mouth-watering dishes from the best eateries or eye-catching landscape beauties around the globe – and much more!

Thanks to food and travel bloggers, photographers or enthusiasts (like us), there’s never a dearth of good content out there. Sharing their passion for food, travel and lifestyle, they know exactly how to make us go gaga over their posts. So, if you’re craving for an insight into the city of Delhi aka Dillwaalo Ki Dilli through the eyes of these influencers, you need to follow these 8 awesome Instagram accounts ASAP!

8 Instagram Accounts That’ll Take You On A Virtual Tour

These Instagram accounts decode Delhi like never before and through their photo gallery, you can catch a glimpse of the many moods of the city. Get following!

1. Delhi Gram


This account features some of the most spectacular work of photographers and travellers in an attempt to, together, portray the real essence of Delhi. It manages to turn every simple moment into something extraordinary and precious enough to be captured forever. Every post leaves us spellbound whilst teaching us the value of being in a place that’s home to so many nuanced emotions and beings.

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2. Street Photography Delhi


It’s said that Delhi has a soul of its own. This account manages to capture exactly that in every frame through its fearless and authentic portrayal of the streets in Delhi. It makes us believe that something beautiful can be found in every nook and cranny – only if we observed a little harder and tried a bit deeper to understand the multifaceted stories behind those eyes of every human we come across.

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3. Zingy Zest


Sarah Hussain is currently, one of the youngest and most loved food bloggers in the country. All thanks to her effortless charm and her passion for food that makes us be a part of her foodie journey. From the best street-food vendors to the finest dining restaurants, she gives us an insight into the most wonderful food experiences in the city, be it with the newest, most amazing flavours, different kinds of delectable cuisines or upcoming food festivals. With every post, you’ll be left wanting for more!

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4. Delhi Grapher


Looking for an Instagram account to explore Delhi? Those of you who are always on the lookout for the newest restaurants or places to travel around the city, Sawan Chalise’s account is the only guide you need. His posts will not only give you a fantastic tour of all that’s best in Delhi but transport you to that exact moment and emotion with his fairly unique pictures and interesting videos. If you want to do something new every weekend, rely on his food and travel recommendations and you wouldn’t be disappointed!

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5. Delhi Delites


Anish Kapur is one such Delhi-based food blogger whose posts will make you want to jump right inside the picture or lick off your screen by going through his Insta profile. His feed is filled with the widest range of mouth-watering cuisines and delectable, street food that looks so attractive that it makes you want to indulge in their sinful pleasure immediately. You literally, can’t help but salivate while checking out his posts. So, rely on this best food instagram account for a food walk around the city that’ll make you go crazy!

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6. Dil Se Delhi


This Instagram profile is of a Delhi-based photographer whose posts will transcend you into a universe of emotions. From holy scenes and festivities to bustling streets and the ordinary, each frame captures Delhi in the most breathtaking ways that compel you to stay, look and contemplate. It’s one of the best Instagram accounts to explore Delhi which presents the life in Delhi a bit differently than others, with a childlike innocence in adults, beauty in dilapidated ruins and love in the most imperfect places around the city through his lens.

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7. Purani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein


As an ex-Google employee, Abu Sufyan decided to pursue his passion for photography and keep his love for the city alive through this amazing account. Staying true to the name, he explores the hidden gems across the city and the rawest, most beautiful corners of Old Delhi that are often left unnoticed by everyone. In his profile, each post has a beautiful story to tell – one that leaves you awe-inspired!

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8. Karmanya Punhani


So often it happens that we may have looked at a particular place but never truly *noticed* the value of that moment – until it was gone. Well, Karmanya Punhani preserves that exact moment in his lens for us! He’s only 16 and yet helps us look at the city and its people with a rare kind of maturity and depth that leaves us in amazement. His pictures capture the most riveting scenes across Delhi and make us realise the significance of every split second that we may have been oblivious of!

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Ladies, are you ready to take a virtual tour with them?

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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