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You’re Not The Only One: 72% Women Have The Hots For Grey-Haired Men!

You’re Not The Only One: 72% Women Have The Hots For Grey-Haired Men!

Do you have the hots for grey-haired men? Well, honey, join the club. According to a recent survey done by an online dating site, 72% of women find men with grey hair attractive as long as they do not look too old. According to these ladies, they find men who have less grey hair more attractive than men who have a full head of grey. Many theories have stated why this happens.  

If you took up psychology in college, then you’re probably familiar with the term ‘Electra Complex’, it was proposed by Carl Jung in his theory of Psychoanalysis. It describes a girl’s sense of competition with her mother to win her father’s affection. Another feasible explanation behind a woman’s attraction with grey hair is that some women feel attracted to their fathers because it makes her feel secure and safe said a study conducted by a researcher at the University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland. 

One more theory that’s not so extreme as the ones mentioned above has a slightly more logical explanation to this. When it comes to choosing a life partner, most women are likely to choose maturity and intelligence over physical features, AND, since age is linked with maturity, men who have salt-pepper hair are perceived to be more desirable. Come, ladies, let’s ogle at these hotties below! (Oh, in case you drool, here’s a tissue paper *Wink*)

Milind Soman


Milind Soman maybe 54, but he looks like a man in his early thirties. That gorgeous body, salt pepper hair and not to forget, that million-dollar smile! Ufff, we’re in love. Too bad he’s taken!

Arjun Rampal


Find a woman who does not have the hots for Arjun Rampal and we’ll buy you lunch. Our hunk here is 47 years old and is still one of the most desirable men in the country. Gabriella Demetriades is a lucky woman!

Brad Pitt


Just going to ask you a question and leave it at that. If you had a chance to take Brad Pitt home, would you or would you not? Lol, we knew you didn’t consider the latter option!

Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar is another actor who is in his 50s who doesn’t look his age. He’s working with the leading ladies of B-Town and part of the film industry. To above and beyond, Akshay! 

George Clooney


George Clooney doesn’t need validation to make him believe that he’s hot – he knows he is. He’s probably bathing in the fountain of youth now. (And chocolate, we hope! *fingers crossed*)

All these men we’ve listed above ooze with charisma, personality, good looks and sharpness. Any woman would fall for them – and we think that their salt pepper hair is just a cherry on the cake!

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06 Feb 2020

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