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Tired Of That Peach Fuzz? Use These Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Your Facial Hair!

Tired Of That Peach Fuzz? Use These Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Your Facial Hair!

Facial hair is harmless like any other body hair. It is completely okay if you want to let it be – it’s your choice. But if you are feeling conscious because of it, there are different ways to remove it. Just remember that the skin on your face is prone to redness due to sensitivity and each area is different from the other. For example, growth on your upper lip would be different from your chin or lower lip or eyebrows. Handling sounds tricky, right? And of course, a red face with marks is not what you’re signing up for. So here are all the effective ways you could remove facial hair and peach fuzz.

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1. Katori Wax: Two words that make my sister shiver in her pants, Katori wax is basically thinner wax than the one used on your legs. Unlike chocolate wax, it’s hot. So warm it up and apply it with a spatula evenly. Make sure you get it all off in 1-2 pulls. Apply aloe vera after. If you want to prolong the after-effects of waxing, click here.

2. Threading: I know women who keep crying while getting rid of their upper lip fuzz. And some who don’t feel a thing. That’s the thing about threading: you never know how a person would react. One of the most reasonable ways to get rid of your upper lip, threading lasts longer (up to 20-25 days) since the hair is pulled out of the root.

3. Bleach: If you don’t want to get into removing facial hair or that peach fuzz, you can bleach at home. Just make sure you mix the cream and activator right and do a patch test before you apply it to your face (or any other parts of your body). It stings and sometimes it stings so bad that you’d want to rinse it off immediately. But if you can sail through it, then bleaching just maybe it for you.

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4. Shaving: Kim K does it. Huda does it. And I think shaving your face is a LEGIT way to remove facial hair. You can either use soap, coconut oil or shaving foam to go fuzz-free. Use a razor meant for your face (we don’t want razor burns so we look for razors meant for the face. If using a regular razor, try to get one with aloe vera strips if possible). It’s important you use an antiseptic cleanser post shaving.

5. Epilators: A lot of body epilators, as well as face cleansing brushes, come with targetted epilator heads and are useful to capture small hairs. Use this at home before or after giving yourself a facial!

6. Hair Removal Cream: Probably one of the least painful methods to get rid of facial hair, you literally have to apply the cream with a spatula, wait for a bit and wipe off. Again, your skin may look irritated and red but it will pass.

7. LASER Hair Removal: One of the most sold entities at a salon and a dermat’s clinic, LASER is a more permanent solution for facial hair removal. Lasers shoot a certain wavelength of light that’s specifically absorbed by the hair follicle itself. These get converted into heat which destroys the hair follicle. Not only do the results differ on the basis of hair growth and density, it is also a pricey option. So would you rather get waxed all your life or would you finish it in a few sessions? It’d be your call.

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