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7 Myths About The Vagina You Need To Stop Believing RN

7 Myths About The Vagina You Need To Stop Believing RN

The power of the vagina is always underestimated. While we may know a lot about other parts of our bodies, it’s the parts down there that we’re oblivious about. There are so many myths surrounding the genitals that we don’t know what’s true anymore and what’s not. To help you know all about the rockstar that is your vagina, we’re here to bust some myths. Don’t believe them anymore, ladies!


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Myth No. 1: The Whole Area Down There Is Called The Vagina

Fact: This is such a common mistake that I have seen even the most educated people make. In everyday language, the whole genital area is referred to as the vagina when that’s not the case. The vagina is just a part of the package and not the package itself. The outer area, including the labia and the clitoris, is referred to as the vulva. The vagina is actually the internal structure along with other parts of the female reproductive system including the cervix, uterus and ovaries.

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Myth No. 2: You Need To Constantly Clean Your Vagina

Fact: While there are a lot of products in the market that promise to give you a squeaky clean vagina, including a douche, you need none of them. Vaginas are magical because they are self-cleaning and require no outside help for the same. It has its own mechanism to keep infection and bad bacteria away while allowing the good bacteria to thrive. In fact, most of the feminine hygiene products do more harm than good as they mess up the pH balance of the vagina and increase the risk of irritation. So let your vajayjay be!

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Myth No. 3: Your Vagina Will Permanently Be Stretched Out After Childbirth

Fact: Most women secretly fear becoming ‘loose’ down there after childbirth. To be honest, the thought of pushing out a baby can be scary and painful but in the long run, it does not affect things much. Your vagina is elastic and can bounce back to its normal size even after childbirth although it may take a few months for it to get back to its natural size and shape. You’ll be able to enjoy sex just like you did before without hassles. You could always give pelvic floor exercises a go to speed up the process.

Myth No. 4: Healthy Vaginas Don’t Smell At All

Fact: All genitals have a slight smell including vaginas. However, the vagina can smell stronger during certain times of the month due to changes in hormones, pregnancy or after sex. There is also a high concentration of sweat glands down there which may produce a ‘sweaty’ odour. The main thing is to know what’s normal and what’s not.

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Myth No. 5: Smaller Girls Have Tighter Vaginas

Fact: Size does not matter in most, if not all, cases. A girl’s height or built cannot determine if her vagina will be big or small. People sometimes also associate smaller girls with tighter vaginas and this could not be far from the truth. Just like you can’t determine the size of a man’s penis from his foot size, you can’t look at a woman and decide how tight her vagina will be. Also, it is important to remember that vaginas are extremely elastic and can expand up to 200% during sex or childbirth.

Myth No. 6: You Should Be Worried About All Vaginal Discharge

Fact: You would’ve heard quite often that all vaginal discharge is bad but that’s not true at all. Some discharge is absolutely normal, crucial in fact. Healthy discharge is full of good bacteria and helps protect you against infections by cleansing the vagina. It is usually white or clear and relatively odourless. However, if there is discharge that does not look normal to you and has a pungent smell, it could mean that you have a yeast infection and it’s time you visited a doctor.

Myth No. 7: There’s No Such Thing As A G-Spot

Fact: One of the most debated topics is the existence of the G-Spot. However, scientists finally discovered where the think the G-Spot is but they also, unfortunately, discovered that not all women have them. Scientists confirm that there is an area inside the vagina, almost 2 centimetres inside on the top section, which consists of bundles of nerve endings and can certainly increase the sexual pleasure. Whether it gets you to orgasm or not depends on how sensitive you are.

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