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7 Must-Have Nail Colours To Keep Up With Fall Manicure Trends

7 Must-Have Nail Colours To Keep Up With Fall Manicure Trends




With the change of seasons, comes a change in fashion. While neons are dominating the beauty trends in the summer of 2020, the trend is bound to change when we move into the fall. And, guess what? We already have a list of all the hues that you must have in order to keep your nail game on point. These colours will be everywhere in a couple of weeks. From the staple nude to dramatic red- this is a range that’ll tempt you to make some OTT choices. 

The 7 Shades Of Fall


The shades are all you need to be the trendiest diva of your squad. 

One For Some Tropical Vibes!



While summer is all about bright hues, the best shade to slowly transition from summer to fall is a deep, dark green. Totally different from the kind of greens you’ve been wearing all summer long, this one will transport you to a world of lush green forests and mountains. The plus side? It’s one that can match any outfit you wear. 

One For The Wine Nights



Who doesn’t love a vampy dark-red nail polish? It’s a colour that’s as synonymous to fall-beauty trends. So, if you’re looking for a best nail colour this fall that complements both your maxi dresses as well as light jackets, then try this thrilling shade of red.

One To Break The Monotony…



Get ready to stash those neon polishes at the back of your dresser. This eye-catching purple nail paint by will take both your breath and heart away. Fitting for fall, this hue will go with denim, formal, casual- mostly all kinds of outfits. 

One For The Love Of Nudes…


There will be days even during fall where you’d feel like being lazy and not care much about your nail colour. We also have a shade picked out for nomadic days like those. This nude nail paint, will give you both beachy and earthy vibes at the same time.

Pro tip: Apply two coats for full opacity. 

One For Some Icy Feels!


The mix of autumn and monsoon is tricky weather! But there’s nothing that a cool blue shade can’t fix. This icy shade will not only soothe your soul but is also a perfect pearly pick to suit all kinds of moods.

Pro tip: You can also use this as a base shade for your next DIY home manicure. 

One For All Skin Tones


Fall is all about wearing different textures, fabrics, and experimentings. And, if there is one shade will add some brightness as well as suit all the skin tones, which is a classy tigress orange hue. A perfect amalgamation of orange, rust, and red, this shade is basically a fall leaf in a bottle.

One For The Perfect Summer-Fall Transition



A classy brown is an evergreen colour that you would definitely want to put on during the fall season. You can start wearing this dark neutral shade in August and put it on till September. It will not only go well with short dresses and jumpsuits but also looks beautiful with ethnic and tribal wear for it gives an earthy and royal vibe at the same time. Basically, this one’s definitely nothing but a boring brown!

Life may not be perfect right now but at least your nails can be!

Featured Image: Pexels

08 Jul 2020

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