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Living Alone In Lockdown? Here’s How You Can Help Yourself To An Incredible Orgasm

Living Alone In Lockdown? Here’s How You Can Help Yourself To An Incredible Orgasm

Every time you pick up your phone, you see a bunch of lockdown jokes. One of the common things people are talking about is a possible unintended baby boom across the world. Perhaps everyone is assuming that couples are having more sex to kill time during the lockdown. Well, if you can, you should. However, some people don’t have that option as they’re either single and living alone or are staying with their family. But that doesn’t mean the fun should stop, right? We believe that you should be good in bed even if you’re the only one there. Which is why we have mentioned a few masturbation tips that will totally come in handy. Read on to know more.

De-Stress Before You Explore Yourself

That work call you have been waiting for or the rice cooking on the stove, make sure you finish everything before you decide to pleasure yourself because it’s easy to get distracted. Finish all the pending stuff before you get on with it.

Watch & Learn

Watching porn can also teach you a trick or two about how to satisfy yourself. In fact, it will also boost your libido and will ensure you have a great time getting off. Find some porn that does not include men and have a great time.

Grab Yourself

Make this a full-body experience and grab or touch a few of your erogenous areas too. Like the inner thigh which is super sensitive to touch. This will surely enhance your climax and give you some great pleasure. 

Not Just Your Clit

Don’t just focus on your clitoris. The area around it is also super sensitive to touch and has a very important role to play in giving you pleasure.  

In Case You Aren’t Wet Enough

Sometimes, it gets a little difficult to get naturally wet since you’re the only one. If you get wet, it leads you to climax faster. Lick your fingers and then massage your clitoris with them. It will just make it easier to get off. 

Experiment With Toys

The most popular (and available) toys for women online are a dildo and a vibrator. However, you can experiment with so much more. The vibrating ring or even a fast-flowing hand shower will definitely be a good companion. *wink*

Dress Up The Lacey Way!

Feeling sexy for yourself is the most important thing in this world. Slip into sexy lingerie, shut the door and put on some good music to get into the mood. Apart from the bedroom, experiment with other areas like your living room or the kitchen if you stay alone. This will surely change your mind and turn you on…instantly!

So, what do you do in order to satisfy yourself in bed? Let us know in the comment section below.

Featured Image: Unsplash

06 May 2020

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