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Beauty On A Budget: 7 Haircare Buys Under Rs 700 That Your Tresses Will Love 

Beauty On A Budget: 7 Haircare Buys Under Rs 700 That Your Tresses Will Love 

While most beauty gurus wax poetic about their fave cheap mascaras and bargain face serums, they give the world of affordable hair shampoos, conditioners, and spas considerably less love. Don’t take these products lightly, though- even if you are on a budget. These haircare products lay the groundwork for great style after all and can treat a variety of hair concerns at the same time.

Whether you crave the allure of super-long length or want to breathe new life into your hair- we’re here to help you in your good-hair journey- whatever that means to you. So today, we get to give an extra shout-out to the haircare buys that blew our minds without stressing our bank accounts. Wanna slay in the hair department? Keep scrolling for our amazing squad of hair heroes.

7 Miracle Hair Products That Blew Our Minds With Just One Application

Turn Your Strands Into Silk

The reviews really say it all with this hair spa cream: This blend is specifically formulated to look after hair that is dry, damaged, and prone to falling due to breakage. It provides strength to the hair fibre and softens it, without weighing your hair down – basically ticking all the right boxes to give you the silkiest, shiniest locks ever!

To Improve Your Hair Health

There’s a reason why this sulfate-free shampoo is a holy-grail favourite. The super gentle formula works to hydrate, soften, and detangle your hair. Infused with caffeine, the shampoo is uber-nourishing to the strands and ensures a frizz-free look while making your hair smoother and stronger.

Give Your Mane The Va-Va-Voom It Craves

Fuller, bouncy hair is no longer a far-fetched dream as this shampoo will add volume and bounce to your locks while making them smooth-AF. Oh, and it also the hell out of your hair. The banana-infused formula is good enough to rival to rival most of the luxury options out theorem in our opinion (i.e. run, don’t walk).

For Your Silkiest Hair Ever!

The Organic Colour Protection Conditioner is hands-down one of the best we’ve ever used. This conditioner will give your tresses a mirror-like shine while enhancing your hair colour. It works by repairing and rebuilding the disulfide bonds that have been broken in your hair– most commonly due to colouring and bleaching, Try using it regularly to restore hydration levels and reverse signs of damage.

A Major Game-Changer

This organic gem is rich in rich in mango butter. Because of this, its deeply nourishing and retains water in the hair making it a great pick for those who find their hair coarse, frizzy or dry. It also dials up shine and nourishes each individual hair strand to add definition and bounce. 

To Keep Flakes Away!

Flakes aren’t the only symptom of dandruff – itch can be a major problem. To combat scaling, flaking, redness, and itch, this is the product to call on. It’s nourishes and conditions the scalp while delivering a serious sheen. Also nice: The formula is gentle enough to use even on colour-treated hair.

The Best Hair-Thickening Formula

Hair thinning and fallout can be caused by any number of issues, and this conditioner takes a 360-degree approach to hair wellness. When it comes to hair loss, using a strengthening formula is key, and this one fits the bill perfectly. It’s enriched with onion extracts which strengthen strands so they stop breaking off. Oh, and it boosts shine, too.

Full, luscious locks are just an order away!

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24 Mar 2022

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