7 Gripping Iranian Dramas That Need To Be On Your Must-Watch List

ShivaniShivani  |  Nov 25, 2021
7 Gripping Iranian Dramas That Need To Be On Your Must-Watch List


Are you looking for new international shows to check out? I got your back, fam! In the last couple of years, Iranian TV shows have created a lot of buzz on OTT platforms. From high-octane crime thrillers to historical dramas, there are a number of shows that you should add to your watchlist.

What is so addictive about these shows, you wonder? I honestly don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one thing. Iranian shows have it all—a gripping storyline, stunning sets, and talented star cast, what else could one ask for?

Let’s move to the good part now!

The Frog

Directed by Hooman Seyyedi, The Frog follows the journey of Ramin (Saber Abar), a small-time thief in Tehran. He decides to rob an enormously wealthy man who used to be his classmate. However, the theft goes fatally awry and Ramin finds himself entangled in a dangerous web of deceit involving the police, local gangsters and greedy family members. The show is gripping and I bet you won’t be able to predict the next turn of events. 


Shahrzad: A Iranian TV phenomenon - The Final Cut - ABC Radio National  (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Credit: IMDb

Shahrzad’s tagline is ‘When a windstorm happens in life, love is the first victim.’ I mean this one line itself is enough to grab your attention! The plot follows the life of Shahrzad (played by Taraneh Alidousti) who is a medical student at the University of Tehran. Through her eyes, we experience the narrative of love and betrayal. It is set in the backdrop of 1950s Iran when the country was going through massive political upheaval. The show covers a range of themes with an exceptional star cast. In my opinion, one of the best Iranian shows ever made!

Mortal Wound

This one has all the elements of a classic Bollywood potboiler, including secret affairs, betrayal, crime and greed! It follows the journey of a man named Maleki (Javad Ezzati) who is one of the managers of a successful company in Iran. His boss Rizabad (Saeed Changizian) asks him to negotiate a major oil deal with the Norwegians. However, everything that can go wrong with this deal, goes wrong! The burning question is: Is Maleki corrupt or has he fallen victim to an elaborate scam?


Are you into historical dramas? Then we have the perfect pick for you! Mokhtarnameh is a religious drama based on the life of Mukhtar Thaqafi (Fariborz Arabnia), a Muslim leader. He wants to avenge the murder of Husain bin Ali (grandson of Islamic Prophet Muhammad). The show presents many philosophical questions that will leave you in deep thoughts.


How far can you go for love? Can you sacrifice your relationship for the life of your beloved? Iranian Drama Series Siavash presents these difficult questions in the most beautiful way. The story is based on the life of a world champion wrestler Siavash Saghi (Milad KeyMaram) and his fiancé Marjan (Tarlan Parvaneh). 

Hezaar Dastan 

Credit: Imdb

This one is one of my all-time favourites! It is directed by the legendary film director Ali Hatami and is one of the most epic historical Iranian drama series. The show presents different aspects of Persian culture in a thrilling manner. The plot follows the life of a corrupt detective named Dash Reza Tofangchi (Jamshid Mashayekhi). 

Prophet Joseph

The Iranian Islamic television series is created by Farajollah Salahshoor. It tells the story of Prophet Yusuf (or Joseph) according to the Islamic tradition. It is a religious show but you would surely fall in love with the cinematography, acting, background score and more. It should be on everyone’s to-watch list for sure!

So fam, which one of these Iranian shows are you gonna binge-watch first?