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A Coloured Eyeliner Can Be Your Best Friend, These Bollywood Actresses Tell You Why!

A Coloured Eyeliner Can Be Your Best Friend, These Bollywood Actresses Tell You Why!

Eye makeup is sometimes considered too much work. Smokey eye? Too much blending. Two eyeshadows? I am not seeing someone special. Anything on the eyelid basically means that you HAVE to spend some time on it and then maybe dodge comments like “oh, going somewhere?” (I know that happens more often than not.)

But, honestly, eye makeup doesn’t have to be rocket science or something complicated. This is where coloured eyeliners come into play. One swipe of anything but black and you have a new look and a new vibe. Don’t believe me? Well, I came with backup.

Here are our favourite Bollywood divas rocking the coloured eyeliner!

1. Esha Gupta

She is the queen of coloured eyeliners and from what I’ve seen, she is partial to for aqua tones. What we like here is the versatility of using colour on the lower and upper lash line!

1 esha gupta teal eyeliner upper lashline

1 esha gupta teal eyeliner lower lashline

Images: Instagram

2. Kiara Advani

This looks like a little more work, but how cool is this two-tone eyeliner?

2 kiara advani 2 tone eyeliner

Image: Instagram

3. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Trust the fashionista to amp things up with a blush-toned eyeliner!

3 sonam kapoor ahuja pink eyeliner

Image: Instagram

4. Athiya Shetty

Not feeling the colour? Then just go a little light and try grey!

4 athiya shetty grey eyeliner

Image: Instagram

5. Shraddha Kapoor

Another dual-tone eyeliner look, I love how the colours are so bold and stark. If you need a sharp colour, you need to use liquid eyeliner. 

5 shraddha kapoor two tone eyeliner

Image: Instagram

6. Kangana Ranaut

Sometimes you can’t head out with your eyes bare, but you don’t feel like black. Well, light brown is the way to go!

6 kangana ranaut brown eyeliner

Image: Instagram

7. Yami Gautam

Frosted blue eyeliner is definitely something you need on a hot summer day. 

7 yami gautam frosted blue eyeliner

Image: Instagram

Pro tip: You can genuinely go absolutely crazy with the colours, really. Just remember, if the colour seems sheer or light, use white eyeliner first and top it off for a true colour.

Check out our top coloured eyeliners for brown eyes here.

05 Jun 2018

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