6 Ways To Create Faux Freckles That Look Cute AF

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jul 13, 2021
6 Ways To Create Faux Freckles


Fun, cute, and creative – that’s what makeup is all about! And that’s why makeup lovers are going crazy for the faux freckles trend that’s sweeping the ‘Gram. If you are a beauty fanatic, chances are you have probably scrolled past someone posting a selfie with their sun-kissed freckles at least once.

NGL, a sun-speckled face looks undeniably fresh and playful and we’re here for it. So whether you gravitate towards subtle little specks or a full face of sprinkles- we’re listing down ways to create the perfect ‘Gram-worthy freckled face. 

6 Easy Peasy Ways To Hop On The Faux-Freckle-Wagon

Want to hop on the bandwagon? Keep swiping for ways to fake the on-trend freckled face that looks cute-AF!

Opt For A Lip Liner

If you are a minimalist who loves hopping onto the fresh beauty trends, using a lip liner to create faux freckles will do the trick for you as it’s the safest way to try the trend. Use a precise lip liner pencil to subtly create freckles. You don’t have to worry about the placement as it can be easily removed, just carelessly dot colour over cheeks, bridge of your nose, and temples.

Invest In A Freckle Pen

Looking for an easy way to fake ‘em? Well, let us introduce you to your new BFF. Yes, freckle pens are a real thing and they come in different shades to suit every type of style and tone. All you have to do is: dip the brush in the product and lightly apply freckles on the face to resemble a natural-looking cluster. Leaving space between the freckles will make them look more natural, just tap the brush lightly onto the skin until you’re satisfied with the pigment.

Henna FTW!


Be it a wedding or any other festivity, henna forms an integral part of all kinds of celebrations in Indian households. The best part? It’s easily available and is one of the most inexpensive ways to fake the on-trend look. Take a ready-made henna paste in a specially-shaped cone that gives precise and natural freckles, this cone will turn you into a pro for creating freckles in no time at all.

Consider Using A Stencil

If you’re intimidated by the thought of creating the freckles on your own, don’t fret as we’ve just the thing for you! The stencil kit will help you nail the sun-kissed look without the worry of knowing how and where to apply them. Just place the stencil across the face as per the directions and use makeup to fill in the areas where you want more freckles. If you want them to last longer, apply a setting place after you’re done to keep everything in place.

Use A Waterproof Eyeliner

If you’re in a time crunch and have a waterproof eyeliner in a soft brown tone lying around, that can also be the tool to create faux freckles. As waterproof formulas are a tad harder to remove, keep in mind that precision is key to ensure there’s no smudging and smearing. If you’re gonna try this hack, create a faint dot first and then follow up by pressing a little harder for the freckle to become more visible.

Give Brow Pencil A Try

As brow pencils come in wide-ranging shades and forms, they are a great tool to create freckles that blend well with your skin and hair. We recommend opting for a brow pencil with precise pointed tips since they are naturally small and will help in creating a natural freckle look. Pro Tip: When practicing with a brow pencil, opt to try different-sized freckles to see which ones work best.

Fake it until you make it!

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