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Best Concealer Tips: 10 Creative Ways To Use A Concealer Which You Need To Know!

Best Concealer Tips: 10 Creative Ways To Use A Concealer Which You Need To Know!

When we think about dark circles, blemishes, and pimples the only thing that comes to our mind is concealer. Our concealer palette always comes to our rescue for any skin imperfection. But there is so much more that your concealer can do. From being an eyeshadow primer to the prime ingredient of your very own tinted moisturizer, your concealer is literally a life savior. Get to know some creative ways to use a concealer.

10 Best Concealer Tips: How To Apply Concealer The Right Way, Uses Of Concealer

Get to know about the best ways to use a concealer, how to apply concealer for dark circles, how to use green concealer for acne and almost everything important about concealers which you would be interested in. Here are ten uses of concealer to use it like a pro.

1. Should you apply foundation or concealer first?

This is the question which is asked by every woman. You should always use a foundation first. Doing so will need a lesser amount of concealer. If you choose to use concealer first then you will remove most of it while applying the foundation. So, always choose to use a foundation before applying concealer.

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2. How to apply concealer on dark circles?

Draw a triangle using the concealer under your eyes. Use the base under your eyes as the base for the triangle and point it towards your cheeks. In a way, you would be drawing an inverted triangle. This method will cover the dark circles while creating an illusion of an uplifted face.

3. Apply it on eyelids to make your eyeshadow last longer.

eyeshadowprimer-uses of concealer

There’s nothing worse than putting on eyeshadow without priming the eyelid. You don’t always need an eyeshadow primer to make your makeup sit well. A concealer use to work just as good as any other base to give a smooth texture to your skin.

Apply concealer all over your lids and blend. Use loose powder to set it. Go about your smokey eye routine as usual.

4. Use a green concealer to cover the redness on your face.

How to use concealer to hide acne? Well, the answer is using a green concealer. Green colour helps to neutralize colour red. Therefore, green concealers work magically to disguise redness due to any zit or acne scars.

If your face has widespread redness due to acne or sunburn then you can use a colour corrector primer. Use it before your foundation for an even base.

5. Out of foundation? Make your own tinted moisturiser.


We’ve all been there: we have to head out for a party and there is very little product left in our foundation bottle. Sigh! However, it can be solved.

Take 3-4 pumps of concealer and mix it with your day cream. Apply it on your face using the dot method and blend it using a Beauty Blender. Set it with powder and then apply blush.

P.S: If you have oily skin, use a smaller ratio of moisturiser.

6. Toned concealers: Uses of concealer to cover skin imperfections

For blue under eye-circles:

Use a pink or peach-toned concealer for covering the blue colored under eye-circles. Peach shades cancel out blue circles or bruising. This will help you to achieve an even skin color by concealing the blue eye circles.

For red spots and blemishes:

Use a green concealer for covering red spots and blemishes. Green shade hides red blemishes and therefore helps in achieving an even skin color.

For evening skin tone:

Yellow toned concealers help to correct all types of uneven skin tones. So to get an even skin tone, use a yellow concealer to get a uniform skin tone.

7. Apply concealer before your mascara to add volume to your eyelashes.


Uses of concealer are not limited to your skin but also include adding volume to your eyelashes. As much as we love false eyelashes, we can’t wear them all the time. So, if you want to increase the volume of your eyelashes, you can try this simple concealer hack (it’s Kardashian approved by the way).

Prime your eyelashes with a few coats of concealer using either a wand or a small brush. Wait for it to set and then apply mascara.

8. Use your concealer for perfectly angled eyebrows.


Having perfectly shaped eyebrows is the new obsession. Did you know your concealer can help you in achieving those sharp brows? Plus it’s really helpful on days you haven’t had time for threading.

Trace a short line parallel to the top edge of your brow with concealer and blend it gently with your finger or a brush. Fill in your brows as usual.

9. Cover your lips with concealer before you apply lipstick for that extra definition!


I’d be up for a hack that doesn’t require lip fillers, wouldn’t you? Applying a concealer on your pout has two benefits: it works as a primer which is great for your lipstick to settle onto your lips without creasing.

Apply concealer all over your lips and blend it with a flat brush or even a sponge. Use a lip liner to outline your lips and then apply lipstick.

10. Use a concealer that’s darker than your natural skin tone for contouring.


If you have a shade of concealer that doesn’t match your skin tone, don’t just throw it away. Instead, use it to contour your features.

Find a tone that’s 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone. Dab it to your cheekbones, sides of your nose, forehead, and chin. Make sure you blend it really well.


1. What goes first foundation or concealer?

There is no hard and fast rule for this. If you have spots to cover then use a concealer first. On the other hand if you have a clear skin apply foundation first followed by a little concealer.

2. How to choose the right concealer shade for my face?

Choose a concealer shade that matches your foundation for a plain texture.

3. How to choose the right concealer shade for my dark circles?

Choose a concealer shade that is one or two shade lighter than your original skin tone.

4. Should I apply concealer directly to my face?

Never do this! Always apply a good moisturizer first which suits your skin.

5. How to make your concealer stay for a longer time?

Once you are done blending your concealer with your skin, furbish it by setting light dust of powder.

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