6 Quirky Ways In Which You Can Wear Eyeliner So That You Make One Heck Of A Statement

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Sep 30, 2021
6 Quirky Ways In Which You Can Wear Eyeliner So That You Make One Heck Of A Statement


Are you bored with regular eyeliner trends? Yes, the winged liner look is great and the reverse cat eye trend is even better. But, it would be nice to know of some more ways to use eyeliner than to just line your lash lines. With so many new eyeliner products emerging thanks to the compulsory use of medical face masks, it is only fair to up your eyeliner game and experiment with styles that are easy to create and are fresh and fun. Here are a few interesting ways you can apply eyeliners to add a touch of creativity to your makeup.

6 Eyeliner Looks That Are Unique & Vibrant

You are going to want to screenshot these.

Lower Lash Enhancements

Who said your eyeliner can only be used to draw horizontal lines along your lash line? To make your lashes look more fuller, especially on the lower lash line, draw vertical hair-like strokes with your favourite eyeliner pen or kohl to create the illusion of doe-eyed beauty.

Blurry Negative Space Lids

If you are a novice at using liners to create elaborate graphic eye art, try this smokey negative space look with your eyeliner. You could go in with vivid green, black or any colour of choice. Just trace the liner along the crease of your lids and lash line. Then, blend it in line with a pencil brush.

Dotted Canvas

Just because it’s called eyeliner doesn’t mean it should be reserved for lines alone. Pick out your favourite coloured liners and create a myriad of dots across your lids for a fun look. Just swipe on mascara to complete the look.

Dual-Toned Liner

Why stick to one shade of eyeliner when you can sport two? Follow suit by applying one shade from the centre of your lash line to the outer corner and wing it. Apply the next shade from the centre to the inner corner. Et voilà.

Disconnected Wing

In case you have hooded eyes or monolid eye shapes, try this disconnected style to make sure your eyeliner is out there. Create the wing with your eyes open and begin from the crease of your lids at the outer corners. Next you can define the inner corner with liner and apply mascara.

Lower Line Art

When going graphic, don’t forget that your lower lash line can do with some liner too. Try this pretty eyeliner look (if your hands are steady) and get ready to slay.

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