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The Ultimate ‘Menstrubation’ Guide: 6 Tips For Masturbating With Your Menstrual Cup On

The Ultimate ‘Menstrubation’ Guide: 6 Tips For Masturbating With Your Menstrual Cup On

Have you ever considered a raunchy alternative to the classic ice-cream tubs and Netflix sessions to feel better on your period? Well, according to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, you may be more aroused a day after your period starts–thanks to an estrogen surge. So how about cashing in on this feeling by getting naughty with yourself instead? Apart from the extra fun, masturbating on your period has a host of health benefits too. A study published in the Journal of Sex Education & Therapy, suggests that it can alleviate period cramps and boost your mood. 

Now, as exciting and well, relieving as it sounds, it can be a messy affair–but not if you’re a menstrual cup user. Yes, you can pleasure yourself while wearing a cup–without shedding a drop of blood on your sheets or the floor. That’s because menstrual cups sit higher up in the body (on the cervix) and block the blood from trickling down. But here are six safety rules to keep in mind before going for it:

Wash Your Hands


This one tops the list of good-hygiene practices to enjoy a safe pleasure sesh. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap before taking off can cleanse them of the dust, dirt, and bacterial build up. This prevents the germs from entering the vagina and causing serious infections like bacterial vaginosis (vaginal inflammation), yeast infections, and UTIs. 

Stick To Clit Play


A menstrual cup sits higher up in the vaginal canal. However, inserting a sex toy or your finger inside the vagina can push it further in. This can make it difficult for you to locate the cup when it’s time for you to empty it. Additionally, it can also displace the funnel-shaped device and cause leakages. So make sure you focus only on your clit!

Make Sure The Cup’s Not Full


A device like Sirona’s Menstrual Cup has a capacity of up to 28ml to provide leak proof protection for eight hours straight. However, if you get home after a long day and decide to treat yourself to the big O, it is a good idea to empty the cup before going ahead. 

This will make sure there’s no spillage in case the cup moves or falls out–especially during the orgasm when your vaginal muscles contract. 

Move Less


If you’re feeling frisky under Aunt Flo’s influence, you might be tempted to try out different positions. However, doing so can loosen the grip of the menstrual cup, make it fall out, and create a bloody mess. So avoid making any rigorous or sudden movement while pleasuring yourself. 

Wash The Cup


You must empty and wash your menstrual cup after your solo sesh before putting it back on. This can prevent vaginal irritation or infections and help you feel fresh. You can count on Sirona’s Menstrual Cup Wash for the job. Made with natural surfactants, it is super-gentle on the silicone of the cup and is hostile to germs. It can deodourise and disinfect the cup and make it fit and safe for reuse.

Don’t Forget To Clean Yourself Too

The remnants of your vaginal fluids can irritate your genital skin. But you can use Sirona’s Refreshing Intimate Wash to cleanse your nether regions thoroughly to avoid itching and irritation. Made with natural ingredients like Tasmanian pepper fruit, it has a gentle cleansing action and can make you feel super-fresh instantly. 

You can also keep Sirona’s Intimate Wipes handy for a quick cleanup if you’re in a hurry. All you gotta do is pull one from the pack and wipe your intimate area from front to back. Simple, effective, and safe!

All in all, masturbating with a menstrual cup is as safe as it is pleasurable. You only need to keep these safety tips in mind and you’ll be sorted. Don’t forget to take this period survey for more info. Have fun!

Featured Image: Pexels

11 May 2022

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