6 Beauty Products That’ll Give Your Legs A Super Model-Approved Glow

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 6, 2021
6 Beauty Products That’ll Give Your Legs A Super Model-Approved Glow


We’re glow-aholics here at POPxo – no joke. We’ve mastered the golden-hour glow, loaded up on shimmery eyeshadows, and have our glitter-dusted collarbone technique down our pat. While we love to glam up our faces, we’re turning the attention to our pasty-AF legs, because, well, they’re suffering big time in the glow department.

There are days when we just want a little something extra on our legs, especially when we ditch our jeans and long dresses for shorts, skirts, or just plain bathing suits. That’s when we turn to leg makeup. Yes, leg makeup. Did you know that was a thing? It is, and in our opinion, it’s underrated, because it can make your legs look low-key airbrushed. So without any further ado, keep scrolling for glow-inducing, imperfection-blurring products that’ll make your legs appear luminous and their absolute best.

These Underrated Products Will Make Your Legs Look Low-Key Airbrushed

From cult classics to cheeky dupes, we’ve picked the skin-loving formulas that’ll give your legs an instant glow-up.

The Iconic Formula

This is an iconic, cult-loved product and one of the best buys out there. First off, it’s a spray, co incredibly quick and easy to apply. Secondly, once it dries down, it’s transfer- and water-resistant, so it won’t budge in summertime and humidity. For the price, it’s ridiculously good!

To Glow Like JLo

If you love a good tan and a sun-kissed glow, this tan-enhancing product is perfect to give your skin a fresh-from-the-cabana gleam. It highlights the skin with a subtle shimmer that we love. All we can say is this product will make your legs look really good, and that’s all we ask for from a product like this. 

To Rock A Natural-Looking Golden Glow

Hot tip: Some of your favourite foundations can double up as leg makeup. Take the MAC Studio face and body foundation, for instance. As the name implies, it’s formulated both for the face and the body, which means it’s water- and sweat-resistant. If you don’t like the feeling of your legs being caked in makeup, this is the product to call on for sheer, natural-looking results. 

For An Incredible Coverage

Looking for something with incredible coverage? This one’s for you. Beauty pros use it to cover tattoos, so it can certainly cover any scars or discolouration on your body and legs. It’s transfer- and smudge-proof for up to 16 hours when used with a setting powder. The best bits? It even has SPF 25 built into the blend for warding off harmful sun rays.

To Nail A Holographic-Like Sheen

Here’s another face and body foundation that will offer a nice dewy finish to your limbs. Just like the MAC foundation, this one is water-resistant. It’s also extremely lightweight which is why we love it for summer. We especially love that it doesn’t feel too thick or oily, especially during the summer. 

The One With Good-For-Skin Ingredients

This product mimics a BB cream for the body. Not only does it provide a sun-kissed dewy glow but it’ll also provide a sexy tan to your limbs. You get so much for your money in this formula. Simply apply pea-sized dots along your legs, blending them out in long, circular motions. If you use your hand, be sure to wash after application so as to not transfer any colour. 

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