6 Luxe Soaps To Start Using If Want To Make Your Beauty Regimen Plastic Free

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Dec 22, 2021
6 Luxe Soaps To Start Using If Want To Make Your Beauty Regimen Plastic Free


How many shower gel bottles do you reckon have been used up and gone into the trash? Recycling your plastic is one thing, but if you aren’t keen on going out of your way to recycle those shower bottles you use up, might we suggest an alternative? You can go plastic-free with shower products and still get the luxury of an invigorating cleansing ritual with luxe all-natural soap bars. The benefit here is that you are taking a step towards a more sustainable beauty practice without compromising on skincare. Here are some of the best luxe soap bars you can switch to that will set you on the path to sustainability with gorgeous skin.

6 Luxe Handmade Soap Bars To Pamper Your Skin As you Go Plastic-Free


The Dry Skin Warrior

Packed with fats from goat milk that easily permeate the skin to keep it hydrated and nourished, the StBotanica Neroli & Vanilla Handmade Luxury Soap is perfect for treating dry skin through a luxurious bathing ritual. The lactic acid in goat milk naturally exfoliates skin to remove dead skin cells and clear the pores. The essential oils in this bar makes for a fragrant cleanse and the plant-based emollients preserve skin’s elasticity and soothes any irritation. 

A Royal Bath

Made with ingredients like bentonite clay, almond and castor oil, and amber, the StBotanica Sensual Amber Handmade Luxury Soap has everything you could possibly desire from a holistic bath product. This handmade soap removes all traces of impurities from the skin and leaves it perfectly clean, hydrated, and nourished with a lingering aroma of amber. It also improves skin texture and conditions skin to make it appear more radiant and healthy.

The Anti-Ageing Avenger 

Formulated with organic cold-pressed oils, the StBotanica Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Handmade Luxury Soap bar seals moisture in the skin and restores its natural elasticity. It contains bioactives which offer antioxidants to help fight free radical damage caused by exposure to pollution and sunlight. The jasmine and mogra oils used in this soap offer anti-ageing benefits along with an enticing aroma.

For Purifying The Skin

Perfect for those with oily to acne-prone skin and who tend to experience body acne, the StBotanica Smoky Rose & Geranium Handmade Luxury Soap will put your skin trouble to rest. It works up a rich, creamy lather that removes all traces of deep-seated impurities from the skin to make it look clear and brighter after a shower. The invigorating formula deep cleans while moisturising your skin.

The Destressing Agent

Relaxing lavender and sensual vanilla not only calm and soothe skin but also makes for a stress-relieving aroma to treat all your senses. The StBotanica Lavender & Vanilla Handmade Luxury Soap contains natural cold-pressed oils to improve skin’s radiance, soothe skin trouble, and fight signs of ageing. 

Rejuvenating Affair

An aromatic soap that gently cleanses and reveals radiance, the StBotanica Rose & Jasmine Handmade Luxury Soap makes for a sensual cleansing product to add to your shower routine. The rich creamy lather of the soap helps loosen grime that clogs pores and detoxifies the skin to reveal clear and healthy skin. The floral aromas are pleasant and invigorating and they too are backed with nourishing properties to balance skin’s pH levels and fight signs of ageing.

Choose any of these luxury handmade soaps and your shower time will be transformed with their holistic healing properties. 

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