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We’re Losing It Over These 6 Buzzy Ingredients – Here’s What To Try

We’re Losing It Over These 6 Buzzy Ingredients – Here’s What To Try

Skincare is always going to be our favourite form of self care and that’s why we can’t get over how products with transformational ingredients work like magic every single time. There are a few specific ingredients that work better than others for our personal skin needs and we are always on the lookout for the next big thing in that respect. 

The industry has come a long way in terms of innovative options and there is a new launch every other day that we’re always itching to try out. But what we’re really excited about are the formulas and the new hero elements they constitute to make all our skincare dreams a reality. Speaking of amazing formulas, this season we are crushing on these select natural ingredients that are really giving us results and are ticking all the right boxes.

Skincare Ingredients That Have Our Hearts This Season


Vitamin C: Daisy Flower & Acai Berry

Formulas infused with daisy flowers and acai berries are our current favourite go-to skincare to bring on our glow. It feels hydrating on the skin and is a rich source of Vitamin C. It effectively reduces dark spots and minimises the effects of sun damage on the skin with every use and we have reserved a spot in our summer beauty kit for it.

Rosehip Oil

This anti ageing hero is truly a delight to use. This natural oil makes the skin so soft and supple, that you wouldn’t believe it is your actual skin! Face oils or serums infused with rosehip oil are fast to act on reducing fine lines and wrinkles effectively. It adds a natural glow to skin and is also a celeb-favourite skincare ingredient. It can also help heal acne scars and it increases cell turnover for wound healing.

Vitamin B: Niacinamide & Spinach

A superb solution for acne prone skin, niacinamide paired with Vitamin B extracted from spinach is our new favourite skincare ingredient pairing that we aren’t giving up, ever! The formula is so gentle yet hardworking that it is easy to see visible results and you will not experience any discomfort once it’s on your skin. It helps minimise pores and keeps them clear while reducing excess oil production and evens out the skin tone. When applied on active acne, it instantly soothes and calms the inflammation while leaving the skin with a matte effect.


Saffron is an age old ayurvedic beauty secret and it still holds a secure spot in our vanity today. Otherwise known as kesar, this natural herb has never failed to impress and continues to make countless skincare goals come true. Saffron has the ability to heal wounds, reduce dark spots, even out the skin tone, banish signs of ageing, and calm inflammation. It is also safe for all skin types and even sensitive skin can mostly agree to it. What we love most is that it is a terrific acne fighter and keeps breakouts at bay.

Vitamin A: Broccoli & Aloe Vera

We are loving the fact that Vitamin A derived from broccoli is being used in product formulations and it is paired alongside Aloe Vera to counter the other side effects of the Vitamin. Also known as retinol, Vitamin A helps improve overall skin texture and is quick to work on a wide range of skin concerns. It is a boon for mature skin types as it does the best job of visibly reducing wrinkles and age spots quickly. The reason we love it paired with Aloe Vera, is because it helps keep skin so hydrated and plump. Dryness is associated with retinol – and Aloe Vera prevents that from occurring by hydrating, soothing, and plumping up skin.


Coffee is a powerful antioxidant and an all-round skincare ingredient that can be used from head to toe. Not only is it an amazing exfoliator but it also works to boost collagen production and fights off signs of premature ageing. It has the ability to slough off dead skin cells and lighten pigmentation to even out skin tone. With antimicrobial properties, it also prevents skin from infections and can work to treat many skin concerns like dark circles, dull skin, and pigmented lips.

If you’re looking to make a new skincare purchase, consider products that feature these skincare warriors in the ingredients list. These trending ingredients work like magic and they will definitely secure a spot on your skincare shelf.

Featured Images: Pexels

28 Apr 2022

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