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If You Hate Heavy SPFs, These Are The Sunscreen Serums Worth Knowing About

If You Hate Heavy SPFs, These Are The Sunscreen Serums Worth Knowing About

In an era in which countless categories of skincare offer exceptional twofers (Think: skin-nourishing makeup primers, serum foundations, or overnight masks), is it enough for sunscreens to do just one job and leave it at that? In our opinion, no! Luckily, the latest crop of sunscreens- labelled as sunscreen serums are here to ditch the old idea of layering essences and serums onto skin before busting out the SPF.

Sunscreen serums are just what they sound like- hybrid products that combine traditional sunscreen with active ingredients to treat and protect the skin in one fell swoop. Since they combine two steps and two products in one, they’ll make your morning routine way more simple. The impossible lightweight formulas are the ones that will convert just about anyone into becoming an avid-sunscreen user, thanks to their fluid-like textures that absorb within seconds and don’t leave behind a ghastly white cast. Ready for some sun fun? Ahead, find the best sunscreen serums for SPF devotees and reluctant wearers alike.

6 Best Sunscreen Serums That Protect & Hydrate

Smells So Fresh & Summery

The milky texture of this SPF juice feels lightweight and hydrating. Your skin will basically drink it up. It boasts a 4-star rating with raving reviews. This SPF 50+ is formulated with hydrating ingredients that help the skin look plump and bouncy. Wear it alone or layer it under moisturiser for dewy skin. 

A True Multitasker

If you’re looking for a holy-grail sunscreen serum that’s perfect for beach days, outdoor runs, and pool days, then may we introduce you to your new BFF? It mixes high-potency ingredients with SPF 50 for a two-in-one product that protects the skin while targeting dark spots and dullness. Not to forget, it gives a glow that’s visible from across the street. It’s genius!

It Isn’t Just For Heatwaves

Non-tacky, non-sticky, and non-whitening, this sun fluid from Earth Rhythm is as lightweight and sheer as they come. Just a few of the things that make this SPF fluid great for your body as well as your face. This double-duty vitamin c-infused formula will not only protect your skin from the harmful UV rays but will also help brighten it while evening out your skin tone giving you dewy-looking skin.

Look Like An IRL Filter

A budget-friendly option, Neutrogena’s new sunscreen serum provides SPF 60 infused with vitamin E for soft, smooth skin. It’s also non-comedogenic and water-resistant for up to 80 hours. Stock up on this cult-loved formula before you hit the beach!

A Beach Bag Must-Have

We’ve had so many people tell us that they don’t wear sunscreen because they can’t wear it under makeup. Excuses! Here’s an amazing sunscreen serum that feels amazing on the skin, but also acts as a primer and will make your makeup look even better! The serum will keep your skin moisturised while SPF 50 will protect your skin from the sun.

SPF That Has Reached Viral Status

Ever since I’ve used these sun drops, it’s been a rom-com love story ever since. Its lightweight creamy texture sinks into the skin, and rest assured knowing it’s providing your skin with SPF 50 along with vitamin E and beta-glucan to give it an otherworldly glow. 

Glowy AF.

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01 Apr 2022

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