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Struggling With Period Fatigue? 5 Things To Do If Your Cycle Leaves You Exhausted

Struggling With Period Fatigue? 5 Things To Do If Your Cycle Leaves You Exhausted

Of all the PMS symptoms that plague us, fatigue is hands down the most annoying thing to happen to anyone. Acne, bloating, mood swings, food cravings—all of these become unbearable when period fatigue hits you like a hurricane. Well, if Aunt Flo wouldn’t sap of our energy, maybe we’d have more strength to deal with life in general. But, thanks to the pre-period fluctuation of serotonin hormone, the chances seem bleak. This chemical messenger is responsible for keeping your mood and energy levels up.

According to a 2020 study, serotonin dip can cause disabling fatigue that can make even getting out of bed a mammoth task during or before your period. But then again, you simply can’t let this bring you down. So, here are five ways to combat period-induced exhaustion like a pro and to not let it effect your routine:

Eat Right


According to a 2018 study, nutrition plays a key role in the prevalence and severity of PMS symptoms including fatigue. So, consuming a balanced diet throughout the month can keep you energetic during that tumultuous time. Include sources of protein like eggs, cottage cheese, and pulses in your diet. Ditch refined carbs for complex ones like oats, ragi, barley, and whole wheat to keep yourself full and energetic. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great source of fibre and can help you feel better. Include a lot of iron-rich foods such as spinach to make up for all the iron loss through menstrual blood. 

Supplement Your Diet


You may not get adequate nutrition from your food alone. You need to add a supplement to avoid deficiencies. Count on Sirona’s PMS Gummies to alleviate your period symptoms. Packed with the goodness of vitamin B6 (for hormonal balance) and Dong Quai (female ginseng), it boosts vitality and improves your overall period experience. Regular consumption of one gummy a day is all you need to see a marked difference in your energy levels within a few months.  

Sleep Tight


Folks, did you know that your menstrual cycle can affect your sleep quality and vice-versa? According to a study published in the journal, Sleep Medicine Clinics, the increase in progesterone can increase your body temperature before or during your periods. This can lead to fragmented sleep and can make you feel even more exhausted. Additionally, psychological factors such as constant worry about leaking at night can impact the quality of your sleep too. That’s why you need foolproof leakage protection to help you sleep in peace. Layering your sanitary napkins can make you uncomfortable, go for Sirona’s Ultra-Thin Panty Liners for additional protection. These wafer-thin pads can be used along with your regular period aids to prevent staining. They’re so light, you wouldn’t feel like you’re wearing something extra. 

Work Out


Physical activities are the scientifically-proven way to boost happy hormones (endorphins) in the body. Hence, working out on your period can instantly uplift your mood and energy. If you are feeling low, a slow walk or this low-impact full-body workout can help you a great deal:

P.S. If you’re worried about leakage or comfort while exercising, ditch your pads and tampons for Sirona’s Menstrual Cup. This reusable device can collect up to 28 ml of blood in one go and offers leak-proof protection for eight hours at a stretch. 

Say No To Painkillers


Period cramps can contribute to bringing your energy level down. Popping painkillers to combat them can actually worsen your case. A study published in the journal Physiology & Behaviour, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory claims that drugs can disrupt your sleep. Naturally, this can add to your period fatigue. Not to forget that painkillers can damage your vital organs like heart, kidney, and liver too. So, here’s an all natural and an effective way to alleviate period pain—Sirona’s Feminine Pain Relief Patch. Infused with menthol and eucalyptus oil, the discreet patch works like a balm on the area in pain. It acts almost instantly and is safe to use. 

With these tips to your rescue, Aunt Flo’s efforts to knock you down will go in vain fosho. But don’t forget to take this survey for more info on period-management aids. Cheers to a happy period!

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10 May 2022

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