Are They Trying Way Too Hard? 5 Signs That Your Date Is Totally Peacocking

ShivaniShivani  |  Jan 5, 2022
Are They Trying Way Too Hard? 5 Signs That Your Date Is Totally Peacocking


There are many ways to make an impression on the first date—you can dress up well, be a perfect gentleman, or you might just throw caution to the wind and go OTT about everything. Believe it or not, often men try out the weirdest fashion trends, accents, hairstyles to garner attention from women. This is the latest dating trend called peacocking!

The term Peacocking comes from the behaviour of its namesake bird. During the mating rituals of peacocks, the male uses his feathers to gain the attention of the females and their tribe. While men don’t literally grab a handful of feathers and start waving them around (NGL, this would be so funny!) they do follow a similar pattern when it comes to dating. Some of the common ways in which men try out peacocking are— statement blazers, vibrant hats, accessories and showy shoes.

If you are on a date and you are confused if your date is just being cocky (pardon the pun) or they are peacocking, then you need to pay attention to some hints. Here are the signs you need to watch out for:

Stand Out Visually 

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Peacocking is all about looks! From OTT jewellery to the brightest of colours, the person will try out the most outrageous and wackiest outfits. They might even wear neon boots, glow-in-dark sunglasses in the club; it is all about catching attention right from the start.

Being Confident All The Time

Most people who are into peacocking are not scared of talking about bizarre topics with confidence. They also make sure that their date is equally interested in the conversation. At times, their conversational skills might come across as gimmicky and superficial.

Not Afraid Of Making A Fool Of Themselves

A person who loves to peacock is not afraid of making a fool of themselves for attention. This means they might deliberately talk in a bizarre accent, burst out the most outrageous dance moves in the club among other things. It can be a fun thing to watch a peacock in their element.

The Conversation Is Often Superficial

This is the biggest telltale sign of peacocking. They are not interested in forming a real connection with someone and are just looking for attention. Now, not everyone with an OTT style is like this but it is pretty common with people who are into peacocking.

Prone To Jealousy 

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Let’s be real—a person who is into peacocking is not used to sharing attention. If they are not getting enough fanfare, they tend to act out. It can be a frustrating thing for their date.

Well, peacocking is not a red flag in any way but it is plain bizarre! Will you ever date someone who is into peacocking?

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