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5 Shower Essentials That’ll Help You Fight All The Monday Blues Away!

5 Shower Essentials That’ll Help You Fight All The Monday Blues Away!

Treating your in-shower regimen like a self-care ritual is essential. A well-crafted regimen doesn’t just necessitate the inclusion of various stages; it also calls for intoxicating scents melting into one another and infusing the air with fragrances reminiscent of grapefruits and roses. It’s time to reserve one of your Saturdays for self-care, and we have just the line-up for you.

In-Shower Essentials For A Rejuvenating Experience


Clean For A Sheen

Don’t limit self-care to skincare. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating in-shower regimen with this lather-loving formula. This in-shower gel epitomises luxury—the tingling scent of grapefruit, coupled with the richness of vitamin C-derived essential oils, is nothing short of luxurious. A well-balanced medley of oils and cleansers, this gel is mild in nature and cleanses your skin gently—no dryness or itchiness whatsoever, and that’s a promise from us to you.

Rub With A Scrub

Look—we indulge in a little bit of exfoliation for the face and the body. But we tend to forget about the…bum. If you have blemishes, bumps, or ingrowth in the area, you must invest in a bum-scrub, and we’re vouching for this one. Laced with sunflower oil, cocoa-butter, and Himalayan rock-salt, this scrub sloughs off impurities, dead cells, and dirt on the surfaces of the skin; moisturises, firms, and hydrates; and firms and lifts the butt over time.

Tame The Mane

Ah. The scent of mangoes ricocheting off the walls of your shower. Magical. This shampoo-conditioner duo is 100% organic seeing that it is crafted with plant-derived ingredients. It moistures and hydrates your tresses like no other, and conditions your scalp effortlessly.

Keep This Handy

A thoughtful self-care routine doesn’t exclude the hands. Reinstate the suppleness of your hands with this sanitizing, cranberry-infused cream. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and melts into your hands seamlessly. Just squeeze a few drops of the ultra-moisturising formula into your hands right after your shower, and rub it into your skin gently.

Lotion It Up

Smear dollops of this minty-fresh formula into your skin, and treat your senses to the tingling scents of eucalyptus and spearmint rolling off of your body in waves. Enriched with vitamin E and shea butter, this lotion moisturises and nourishes the skin instantly and effectively. You can apply this while your body is a little damp from the shower to maximise absorption.

And that’s about it. The weekend is going to be here soon—so add these to your wishlist now, and treat yourself to a therapeutic shower routine ASAP.

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02 May 2022

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